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I realize I should be counting my blessings, that I never got morning sickness, only developed an intense hatred of one thing (sweet potatoes), and had mild tummy upset and bodily issues. It has been a very mild pregnancy; probably the most irritating thing about it is the constant sniffles from Rhinitis of Pregnancy (supposedly a real thing) which has caused me to be congested since before I found out, and that is such a non-issue compared to the horror stories I hear about from other pregnancies.

But to be honest, it’s so boring that I often wonder if I’m even still pregnant. The only things I have to go on between doctor visits when they confirm that in fact something inside me has a heartbeat, are that my pants are oh so gradually shrinking in the waist, my belly does hurt sometimes and in a different way than just indigestion, I occasionally randomly fall asleep during the day, and the fact that I haven’t seen anything awful to suggest that it didn’t stick.

So yes, it’s lovely to feel almost normal, but a little anticlimactic. I’m sure I’ll later regret not enjoying this while it still lasts. I already am hating my new five pounds which have made climbing stairs more of a chore and are making my most-comfy-pair-of-jeans-ever the bane of my existence by the end of the day. (Though that hairband through the buttonhole trick is AWESOME!)

I guess the worst part about not coming across as pregnant is that I just look like I’ve put on a few pounds, right when everyone is going through their New Year’s Lose Lots of Weight fest. That and I worry that I’m not pregnant anymore.



(Now that I’ve written this I’ll probably swell up like a balloon, break out all over, protrude as if I were having twins, and develop 2nd trimester morning sickness)


The other day I was talking to a co-worker and all of a sudden my mouth filled with the aroma of buttered green beans. It was the oddest thing, and it wouldn’t go away for the rest of the day. Fortunately, it was nearing the end of the work day.

Now I don’t claim to cook on a regular basis, but generally Eric and I have some sort of understanding that one or the other of us will provide dinner for the both of us, in some form or fashion. He does cook (in fact better than me in most cases) but his preferred provision mechanism is pizza or some sort of takeout. Many days, though, I’ll cook something, or we’ll at least figure out what we’re doing together.

Well not that day, that day I arrived home, ran upstairs, dumped a can of green beans in a dish, dropped a piece of butter on top and nuked those babies up. Then I casually took my buttered green beans into the living room and sat there eating them in front of the TV without comment.

He had heard me blab about my buttered green beans on the phone while I was driving home, so his only remark was, “how are your buttered green beans?”

I guess that would count as a craving. I don’t honestly remember what else I ate, or what Eric managed to find for himself. I had one other similar experience where I came home rather late at night after Bible study, and Eric was heating himself up some breadsticks. Somehow the smell to me was of pizza rolls, and that’s what I immediately desired to have. Unfortunately, he wasn’t heating up pizza rolls, nor did we have any in the house. I demanded pizza rolls and he thought I was amusing.

I did find Bagel Bites in the freezer, which sufficed but weren’t pizza rolls. So I ate my Bagel Bites at 10:00 at night on a week night.

I’ve also found myself doing odd and spastic things. For example, I have a fairly routine routine in the mornings and evenings, which involves the usual, brushing teeth, washing face, taking out contacts, etc. I’m not sure what part of the routine involves throwing something, but one night I was going to take my contacts out and I unscrewed the lid of the case and threw it in the sink. As it rolled around in the basin I wondered, “why did I do that?”

Contrary to what one might believe based on the previous post, I do in fact have a difficult time sharing very personal news, at least with massive amounts of people at once.  It’s one thing to tell a friend over lunch, or quietly tell your boss, but to make a big to-do of, “look at me! I’m special and you should acknowledge it! wheeeee” is a little different.

This is why I have yet to post anything on Facebook, and didn’t ever announce my engagement on there either, I just quietly updated my status to Married after the fact.

So Eric and I came up with some creative ideas on how to tell the families, and since we had an ultrasound right before Christmas it worked out beautifully. We put a copy of the ultrasound into a Christmas card, and in front of it we put some wedding photos.

For my mom it worked out as planned. She opened the card, flipped through the wedding pictures, then when she got to the end she looked up all sparkly eyed and said, “you’re pregnant!”

For Eric’s parents it went more like this: Eric’s mom was sitting on the floor when I handed her the card, and his dad stood over her. She opened the card and picked up the pictures. Well the ultrasound was smaller than the photos, so it fell down back onto the card in her lap (from where Eric’s dad was standing, he couldn’t see past the wedding pictures to the ultrasound below). They unsuspectingly continued flipping through the pictures while around them a buzz started. First Eric’s one sister-in-law, then his brother, and others started to notice the ultrasound sitting on the card and said, “is that… ?” and as they waited for the parents to notice, comments started becoming more like, “I can’t believe they haven’t noticed yet!” which in turn made Eric’s parents look harder and more closely at the wedding pictures, trying to find out what they were missing.

Finally Eric’s sister-in-law, Bobbi, said, “look at the card!” which Eric’s mom finally did.. however they stared at it for a few minutes before it dawned on them what they were seeing. I think they were just completely unprepared.

And in both instances others did the remainder of the news spreading for us. I didn’t have to tell a single person “I’m pregnant” because the cards and they did all the work. It was great. We just had to answer questions.

At church and in Bible Study Eric’s other brother and sister-in-law made announcements for us, so again I just had to smile and be excited.

At work I was equally as blessed. I told my two co-workers and my boss so that they would be aware of why I was passing out at work and having so many doctors appointments, and they were all incredibly happy for me (in fact one co-worker (Mary) guessed it before I could tell her.. I started with, “I have some news..” and she blurted “you’re pregnant!”)

Well we have a breakfast club in the Sales department, which pretty much everyone is a part of. My one co-worker’s turn was coming up (Nancy), so she offered to turn her breakfast into an announcement for me, which was AWESOME. It was right before I hit 14 weeks, so it seemed safe enough.

She brought in pink and blue iced donuts, strawberry and blueberry fruit parfaits and wrote a poem that she placed on the cabinets where breakfast is served, that read:

In keeping with today’s “pink and blue” breakfast theme,

Sales Analytics has an announcement for the team.

She is the newest member of the three,

And the latest mommy to be!!

Please stop by and congratulate her today,

Lisa Z is in the family way 🙂


I’ve been told, have read about several times, and have begun to feel compelled that keeping a blog of my pregnancy, and probably also what comes after, is a good idea. For me, for my family, and eventually for the Little Z to come.

Little Z’s could also refer to the amount of sleep I’m starting to wean to, and I’m sure the amount of sleep I should expect soon!

So for my first post I’ll share the story of how I learned I was pregnant:

It was late November, and my tummy had hurt a few times and I had been a little more tired than usual (both chalked up to holiday overeating), and my period was a few days late (which had been happening regularly since Wedding Planning had increased the stress level of my life, and it refused to return to its regularly scheduled programming timing), but otherwise nothing was alarming. However, my nose had been congested for several weeks, and often I had green snot (sorry, but it’s part of the story!) but hadn’t felt any of the symptoms that typically go with being sick.

One evening, a few days after Thanksgiving, I decided to google it, and typed in “Green Snot”. The auto-suggestions that google lists said something like, “green snot means…” and the one below was “green snot in babies” and my mind combined the two lines to read “green snot means babies”. A click occurred in my head, and while I quickly corrected how I was reading google’s recommendations, I did decide that maybe I should look into this. I took a pregnancy test and lo and behold it said positive. I ran downstairs and unceremoniously showed Eric with “this is why I’ve been so tired!” to which he replied, “how accurate is this thing?”

Yes, that was his reply, and even up until the doctor confirmed the pregnancy he had a hard time believing it. In fact, I think the first time he started thinking that this might be a real thing was when he accompanied me to my first ultrasound at 9 weeks, and he got to see a blob on screen. Even then his comment was jokingly, “that could be stock footage.. it doesn’t look like anything.” To be fair, most of this callous attitude is for my benefit. We’ve known many many couples who joyfully shared their pregnancy news only to shortly thereafter miscarry and be devastated. Eric was trying to protect me from getting my heart broken, and wouldn’t let me get too wrapped up in ‘being pregnant’ until I reached the safer zone of second trimester.

I will add, however, that this did not deter him from buying baby toys during Christmas, which was only slightly contradictory to his suggestion I not get my hopes up too early. 😛

Also contradictory was him telling me not to tell too many people, and yet I learned later that most of his co-workers knew well before I was at the safety mark. I do know why he suggested I keep quiet, I don’t think I would have coped well with having to tell everyone, “nevermind.. false alarm”.

I love my husband, he cares deeply for me and wants to protect me, which is why it’s so easy to overlook his hypocrisy in times like this. Even during his initial doubt, he has been incredibly supportive, taking over certain responsibilities (like kitty litter) without me ever asking, agreeing to buy any food I want that I claim will make me and the baby healthier, and painstakingly searching for the absolute best prenatal vitamins he can find.

I’m just glad that we’re now in the second trimester, and I pray that we make it full term with a healthy baby 🙂