Contrary to what one might believe based on the previous post, I do in fact have a difficult time sharing very personal news, at least with massive amounts of people at once.  It’s one thing to tell a friend over lunch, or quietly tell your boss, but to make a big to-do of, “look at me! I’m special and you should acknowledge it! wheeeee” is a little different.

This is why I have yet to post anything on Facebook, and didn’t ever announce my engagement on there either, I just quietly updated my status to Married after the fact.

So Eric and I came up with some creative ideas on how to tell the families, and since we had an ultrasound right before Christmas it worked out beautifully. We put a copy of the ultrasound into a Christmas card, and in front of it we put some wedding photos.

For my mom it worked out as planned. She opened the card, flipped through the wedding pictures, then when she got to the end she looked up all sparkly eyed and said, “you’re pregnant!”

For Eric’s parents it went more like this: Eric’s mom was sitting on the floor when I handed her the card, and his dad stood over her. She opened the card and picked up the pictures. Well the ultrasound was smaller than the photos, so it fell down back onto the card in her lap (from where Eric’s dad was standing, he couldn’t see past the wedding pictures to the ultrasound below). They unsuspectingly continued flipping through the pictures while around them a buzz started. First Eric’s one sister-in-law, then his brother, and others started to notice the ultrasound sitting on the card and said, “is that… ?” and as they waited for the parents to notice, comments started becoming more like, “I can’t believe they haven’t noticed yet!” which in turn made Eric’s parents look harder and more closely at the wedding pictures, trying to find out what they were missing.

Finally Eric’s sister-in-law, Bobbi, said, “look at the card!” which Eric’s mom finally did.. however they stared at it for a few minutes before it dawned on them what they were seeing. I think they were just completely unprepared.

And in both instances others did the remainder of the news spreading for us. I didn’t have to tell a single person “I’m pregnant” because the cards and they did all the work. It was great. We just had to answer questions.

At church and in Bible Study Eric’s other brother and sister-in-law made announcements for us, so again I just had to smile and be excited.

At work I was equally as blessed. I told my two co-workers and my boss so that they would be aware of why I was passing out at work and having so many doctors appointments, and they were all incredibly happy for me (in fact one co-worker (Mary) guessed it before I could tell her.. I started with, “I have some news..” and she blurted “you’re pregnant!”)

Well we have a breakfast club in the Sales department, which pretty much everyone is a part of. My one co-worker’s turn was coming up (Nancy), so she offered to turn her breakfast into an announcement for me, which was AWESOME. It was right before I hit 14 weeks, so it seemed safe enough.

She brought in pink and blue iced donuts, strawberry and blueberry fruit parfaits and wrote a poem that she placed on the cabinets where breakfast is served, that read:

In keeping with today’s “pink and blue” breakfast theme,

Sales Analytics has an announcement for the team.

She is the newest member of the three,

And the latest mommy to be!!

Please stop by and congratulate her today,

Lisa Z is in the family way 🙂