I realize I should be counting my blessings, that I never got morning sickness, only developed an intense hatred of one thing (sweet potatoes), and had mild tummy upset and bodily issues. It has been a very mild pregnancy; probably the most irritating thing about it is the constant sniffles from Rhinitis of Pregnancy (supposedly a real thing) which has caused me to be congested since before I found out, and that is such a non-issue compared to the horror stories I hear about from other pregnancies.

But to be honest, it’s so boring that I often wonder if I’m even still pregnant. The only things I have to go on between doctor visits when they confirm that in fact something inside me has a heartbeat, are that my pants are oh so gradually shrinking in the waist, my belly does hurt sometimes and in a different way than just indigestion, I occasionally randomly fall asleep during the day, and the fact that I haven’t seen anything awful to suggest that it didn’t stick.

So yes, it’s lovely to feel almost normal, but a little anticlimactic. I’m sure I’ll later regret not enjoying this while it still lasts. I already am hating my new five pounds which have made climbing stairs more of a chore and are making my most-comfy-pair-of-jeans-ever the bane of my existence by the end of the day. (Though that hairband through the buttonhole trick is AWESOME!)

I guess the worst part about not coming across as pregnant is that I just look like I’ve put on a few pounds, right when everyone is going through their New Year’s Lose Lots of Weight fest. That and I worry that I’m not pregnant anymore.



(Now that I’ve written this I’ll probably swell up like a balloon, break out all over, protrude as if I were having twins, and develop 2nd trimester morning sickness)