Eric’s brother, many moons ago, bought Eric a large stuffed fish. I’m not exactly sure what kind of fish, maybe a bass or something, but it’s kindof red with silver coloration.

Anyway, imagine a five foot long fish print sewn into a pillow. It is even sewn around the mouth so it has four inch long lip things that stick out. And flippers on the the sides and a fin on top. It’s hideous, to say the least.

Well.. I knew the time would come when I would need a body pillow and Eric would suggest the fish. I was adamant that I would not sleep with the fish because then it would give Eric a reason to keep it, as it would then fall under the “useful” category.

I finally gave in because the fish moved into the living room and was taking up an entire recliner, just because.

So now I’m sleeping with the stupid fish, and while I hate that I’m sleeping with a fish, I must say it is quite comfy. I now know why preggers love body pillows, because it is soooooo much nicer than just cuddling a normal pillow.

My one solace in all this is knowing that Eric, too, is sleeping with the fish 😀