Like many people women I know, food is an addiction: I love to eat, I like to think about my next meal, I eat out of boredom, or for comfort, or for no reason at all. I look forward to parties so that I can eat different foods, especially junk food that I can’t or won’t keep in the house (like potato chips with french onion dip, or cocktail weenie pig-in-a-blanket thingies).

One thing, however, that has changed, is that I have traditionally been a MAJOR sweet tooth, and desert would be the highlight of any and (wishfully) every meal, and the primary reason for making it through dinner. But lately I’ve been more interested in actual food.

So instead of looking forward to that bowl of ice cream, I’m looking forward to a second helping of dinner. Especially mexican, or a derivative thereof, type food. I’m having daydreams of fajita fairies dancing through my head, and avocado goblins gobbling guacamole, and tortilla soup … something.

Also salad. And I’m eating a lot of fruit, and a not-too-shabby amount of vegetables (hopefully around the recommended amount).

In general, while I am still desiring to eat more often than I probably should, at least the parasite within me is looking for slightly healthier options, or at least less sugar. It’s not such a terrible thing. Although I do still want junk food, like chips, or some fast food. I went through a stint there where I really wanted Taco Bell. I’m past that now, and have moved onto and past KFC as well. It seems once I’ve had the craved fast food I’m ready to move on to something else.

I must admit that right now the baby is classified as “the size of an avocado” (side note: how is an avocado bigger than an apple, unless it’s one of those giant ones which is bigger than 4 inches?) and thinking of an avocado floating around inside me makes me want to eat one… every time I think of it… even while I’m eating one or when I finish eating one… Is it wrong that I want to eat my baby? Or rather.. the size equivalent of my baby?


 (found this image and thought it very apropos)