Seeing other pregnant women is completely natural. You think, wow, look at their belly, they’re making a little person in there. And it’s totally normal. It’s no big deal, it happens all the time.

But all of a sudden it’s not someone else, it’s me. It’s my belly that’s starting to look like a pregnant belly, and it’s just strange.

One of my co-workers had made the comment about how your belly feels different, it’s hard. And now I understand what she means. Before my belly was squishy and it really just felt like fat was accumulating on my mid-section (hence part of the disbelief in actual pregnancy). But now I feel it.. it’s harder to the touch. It doesn’t squish like fat.

It also doesn’t jiggle, as I discovered when showing off my belly to Eric. I was twisting around trying to make it jiggle or move, and it didn’t. It just sits right there like some sort of partial rubber ball or something. It’s also starting to become difficult to bend in the middle, though it is still possible. Just a little nuisance and some worry that I might squish the little baby in there 🙂

So… it’s starting to become real. I’m actually pregnant. Oh and I got to hear the heartbeat on  Friday which was comforting.. knowing it’s still alive in there.

The doctor said she could hear it kicking around, but I still haven’t felt any movement myself. But as long as I know it’s alive and well, I’m in no rush to start feeling all the disturbances in there, which I’m sure is another crazy experience.

Here’s a pic I took of myself buying maternity clothes (the pants were starting to become an issue) – I still just look fat and not pregnant, but the belly is definitely noticeable now.