I had finished my lunch of Butternut Squash Ravioli Lean Cuisine, but needed something more. I looked at my carrots and my banana, I sipped my water, I nudged my unopened apple sauce out of the way as I rooted through my desk. But alas, nothing looked like, “the thing that I need this very moment.”

Chocolate and other candy is readily available, as several people have it out on their desks, but that too didn’t seem appealing.

I perused the fridge, standing with the door wide open and taking note of every item in it, despite the fact that I’m at work and nothing in there belongs to me.

Then I went for a walk with my trusty debit card in hand.

On my way down to the cafeteria I decided that what I needed was chocolate milk. Oh luscious, filling, delicious chocolate milk. Annnnnnd… what… ?

So I bought my chocolate milk and swung by the vending machines, and there, surrounded by bright and shiny lights, glowing in the top left corner with my name written all over it, were Cheez-its. I had to have those Cheez-its. But the stupid machine wouldn’t take credit, only dollars and change.

I hustled back to my desk, dug for any and all change I could find, and would you believe I was five cents short.

To have my desperate needs so close in hand, and so far away… I could feel the baby slumping into depression.

Then one of my co-workers, a very very nice one I might add, came back to her desk. I explained my dilemma and she gave me a nickel. I thanked her for saving me from my distress as I hurried back down the hall.

So my afternoon was made whole again with my Cheez-its and chocolate milk. Now I’m full, and happy, and I’m pretty sure the baby is contentedly asleep.

Phew! That was close.

Cheez-it & Chocolate Milk Lovers!

(apparently not the only one who likes this combo… there’s an entire FB page dedicated to it!) (weird)