Well we found out what the gender is today! But to back up a minute, last week one of my co-workers suggested I announce via cake or something, and I really loved the idea, so I ordered a white cupcake-cake for today, with the understanding that I would call in and tell them what the gender was on my way to pick it up (on my way into work).

So at 8 am this morning Eric and I trooped down to the ultrasound place and waited what seemed like forever as she checked on different measurements and stuff. Actually, I was really happy to see that the baby still had a heartbeat, and we were both excited to see two arms, two legs, a head, etc. The big thing was that it looked like a baby, and not some half-formed mutant thing, which is what I’ve been worried about.. probably because I slept on a heating pad early on and I was afraid I had melted the baby or caused some sort of deformity or something. But no, all healthy and normal.

So finally the grand announcement. She gave us the chance to guess based on whether we thought we saw a hamburger or hotdog. Neither of us really knew what we were looking at, or where to look for that matter, so we kinda both were like, umm… a hotdog?

Nope! It’s a baby girl! (With a really cute profile, I might add!)


Just look at that little nose!

Well after Eric and I parted ways to head off to work I received a text from one of his co-workers who wanted a hint. Apparently someone brought in cookies and they just needed to know what color sprinkles. I thought it would be more fun for Eric to be surprised when he got there than to be asked, then told, “wait one second” before he got to see their little surprise, so I told her and a few minutes later received a text back:


I find it amusing that the first person I called to tell what the gender was, was the girl at the bakery. Fortunately she was ready and waiting, so as soon as I told her who I was she said, “what are we having??” 20 minutes later I picked up my cupcake-cake and finished my trip to work and strolled in about an hour and a half after my usual start time. But all people saw was that I had a box and was glowing.

My two co-workers suggested I bring it to the big weekly meeting with nearly everyone in our department (about 15 people).

While yes, it does seem silly for me to have a reveal for everyone else, it was great to get it all over and done with in one big swoop with delicious sugar on top. I swear, the whole way to the bakery and then to work all I could think about was cupcakes. In fact, I’m not sure what I was more excited about all weekend, learning the gender or knowing I was getting a cupcake Monday morning (kidding!) (though the cupcake was second on my mind) (something tells me this child will want cupcakes for birthdays instead of cake or, Eric’s preference, donuts)

Anyway, once everyone got to the meeting our boss said, “well I think this is the most important thing on the agenda so let’s have it” so they took a vote on what the gender was going to be, then I popped the lid to pink “It’s a girl!” and there was loud applause and cheers.

CupCakeIt was a wonderful way to start Monday off. I may have been the only one to sit and enjoy a cupcake for the rest of the meeting, but I didn’t care. I earned my yummy sweet delectableness 🙂 (one other guy did eventually take one, and then everyone grabbed one at the end of the meeting)

So lastly, I did manage to snap a quick photo before heading off to our appointment this morning, since I’ve been really remiss in capturing the belly growth.


Lot’s of pictures this time!!

I didn’t think I was the worrying type, but between worrying about the baby not kicking hard enough that I can feel it yet (which I shouldn’t be worried about because both the OB Gyn last session, and the ultrasound technician this time commented on how the baby is very active and when I start feeling it I’ll have a handful in me), to worrying about whether it is a healthy baby and not something else, to my weight gain (which was too much last meeting but now I haven’t gained anything in the last week and a half), I seem to be a ball of worriedness. I really just need to take a deep breath and treat this like I do everything else in my life which is, God will provide and Whatever is meant to be will be. I guess I feel like it’s all on my shoulders and if something goes wrong it will be all my fault.

So Lisa, just focus on being happy, excited, and eating healthy.

(As I write this I’m eating my second cupcake) (just sayin’…)