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Hurray for Easter. Even if it isn’t spring quite yet because the groundhog screwed up and gave us the wrong prediction… and it’s been even longer than the 6 weeks he should have predicted.. it’s like infinite winter. I’m sooooo ready for the trees to burst into flowers!

At least in the meantime I get to color some eggs. And sort Legos. (for the Building Block Blitz event next weekend)

I asked my co-worker, Mary, to take a pic. It’s a little hard to see with the black shirt and dark jeans, but you can see that the bump has grown.


Taken near the end of 23 weeks

This is a great weekend to think about the miracle of the little baby inside me, as we learn again about the miracle of Jesus and all he did for us. It’s a wonderful time of year. If only it would warm up enough for the little flowers to come out of hiding. And the baby bunnies.


From Eric:

“Last night Lisa was supposed to clean the cat’s dish and give her medicine and food and she was too lazy to clean it and used one of our dishes instead. So tonight I think she felt bad because she asked me to pick up the cat’s water dish to fill it, and she went and filled it with water then handed it back to me so I could set it down again. But not even from the same room. She had to yell at me to come into where she was so I could do that for her. I think she believes she’s helping.”

Had to share a quick second post about what Eric has to live with.

I had a really rough night, last night, with tummy aches and having to get up to go to the restroom a million times. Well earlier in the evening I had gotten out my tub of nail polishes thinking I would paint my toenails. Or rather, beg Eric to paint them for me. But that never happened.

Unfortunately I forgot that I had gotten it out and set it on the toilet seat, so when I got up in the middle of the night I had to move it to the edge of the sink. Well I was sleepy and didn’t have my glasses on, so when I went to then wash my hands I knocked the tub into the sink with a loud crash. Thankfully the lid stayed on, but it made such a racket that Eric awoke yelling, “What was that?? Are you ok???” to which I answered, “… yeah…. sorry..” and then climbed back into bed.

Being in the state that I am, I had to use the restroom again and I of course forgot all about the first experience, so I knocked it into the sink again, and again Eric yelled out “What was that?? Are you ok??”

On the third or fourth time this happened he said something along the lines of “is that you again?” or something… I don’t really remember. That might have been the time that my foggy brain started working a little and I came to the realization that the tub shouldn’t really be perched on the edge of the sink in the dark with a clumsy tired pregnant woman who can’t see for crap without glasses/contacts, so I finally moved it to the floor. Or maybe it was the fifth time…

Poor Eric. Thank goodness he doesn’t actually remember how many times I woke him up last night.

I sense an impending threat to our family’s well being. Last night I was sitting on the opposite end of the couch from Eric, who was being monopolized by one little gray kitty who couldn’t seem to get enough of his attention.

I was quietly sitting there feeling the baby moving around.. kick.. punch.. kick. It was all over the place. I’d feel some movement through my belly onto my hands on the left side, then the right side. Then both sides. So I assumed she was doing some acrobatics or dancing or practicing kick boxing or something.

Eventually I decided Eric needed to experience some of this, though it’s harder for him to feel it because I have the reassuring feeling of the inside to confirm what I’m feeling on my hand, which he obviously doesn’t.

But he tried nonetheless, and came over and sat next to me with his hand stretch across my belly.

We were talking about the baby and we both happened to look up…. to see curious and serious eyes watching us from the arm of the other end of the couch. Very serious eyes. Very knowing eyes. Gradually she got up and sauntered casually over to us. She climbed right over top of Eric, and onto my belly, where she lay down with her face inches from mine. And she stared at me. And purred.

Eric was amused that the “feel the baby” game had ended so abruptly because of that cat rule that anything that draws our attention must be sat on, and this time it was me. Or the bump. Or the baby, or whatever.

Fortunately I believe she is very much the mother cat, so once the baby is here hopefully she’ll have more of a protective nature and less of a “I must sit on you because you are drawing attention away from me” mentality.

I’d been feeling a lot of “stuff” going on in my belly, but couldn’t really place what exactly I was feeling. Yesterday afternoon it did feel a lot like I was riding a roller coaster and leaving my stomach behind. For a good hour I think. It wasn’t the first time I’d had that sensation but it was the strongest and longest I’d felt it.

Then last night I was sitting next to Eric and I felt that sensation again. I put my hand on my belly and the next time I felt it, I felt it on my hand! I freaked out, “Oh my goodness! I just felt her kick! That was a kick! I felt her kick!” and other such babbling.

Eric got a chance to feel it, as she was kicking pretty hard, but he couldn’t really tell what he was supposed to be feeling. Now that I know I can feel her kick it’s pretty exciting, but it feels so weird.

Since I have to sit upright all day in front of my computer, whenever I have to do computer work at home I like to recline on my couch with my computer on my… belly/lap/whatever. It’s not too shabby, and I can get a lot done while being comfy, cozy under a blanket, and usually not fall asleep 🙂

However, one major drawback to this is the threat of a cat attack.

Yesterday such an event occurred. I was for the most part lying down with a big snugly blanket keeping me warm, with my head propped up on the arm of the loveseat and my computer comfortably propped on my midsection and I was diligently working away. Then a small gray kitty came sauntering down the stairs. She used her usual entrance which involves going through the stair railing onto the back of the couch, down onto the couch arm, onto the cushion, onto an ottoman, then onto the floor. With her gaze fixed on me the entire time.

I’m not sure if it’s because I was under her favorite blanket or because I was obviously busy working on something that needed to be interrupted, but nonetheless, she completely ignored the slumbering form of Eric who was trying to sleep off a headache, or her kitty bed, or her kitty toys, or the back of the couch (also a favorite), and b-lined for me across the living room.

She sat on the floor next to my couch looking up at me for a good minute, judging the best way to clamber up (old cat, not the most graceful anymore, likes to take the easiest possible route to any destination and doesn’t always make it when she jumps up onto something higher than a footstool).

Finally she made the jump and dug her claws into the blanket, and consequently myself, and pulled herself up. And unceremoniously plopped herself down on my belly. With her face right in my face, literally not more than two inches from my nose.

At first she didn’t quite fit, perched on my little baby bump, and her butt was on my keyboard, which I did not find appealing. I tried moving her around a little which really just aggravated her. Finally I just dumped her over on her side, so that she was craddled in my arm instead of lying directly on top of me, but she wasn’t having that. She replanted herself back on top of me and made herself fit. With her whiskers nearly brushing my face.

I tried to ignore her as best I could by leaning my head to the left to peer around her, but then she would turn her head that way to look at me, so I would lean to the right, and she would turn her head that way, making it nearly impossible to see past her. This went on for at least ten minutes, with me trying to work, and having to lift myself up some to see whenever I needed to see the keyboard. (good workout!)

One thought that went through my head was that my baby is going to think it’s natural to purr.  The cat has an outrageously loud purr, so much so that when people visit and the cat is sitting nearby they ask, “is there a truck outside?” Additionally she doesn’t seem to know how to turn her purr off. Even the vet has a hard time finding her heartbeat because she won’t stop purring.

Finally it dawned on me that I should return the favor and give her undesired attention, and so started petting her. She’s funny, in that she wants to be near you (or ontop of/in your face/sharing your breath close), but not necessarily pet. I think she probably has arthritis or something – she enjoys a good scratch under the chin or top of the head, but a full body pet is only for when she’s really in the mood.

She finally had enough and clambered down with an audible kitty huff, and curled up in her kitty bed nearby. And I was able to finish working.

I am a little worried I’m going to have to invest in purring devices to soothe the baby once she’s here, as musical toys may not cut it. She may even expect me to purr. I hope not.

sleepycat(kitty in her natural habitat)


Last spring, around this time, I came home from work and pulled into the garage. I went upstairs through the basement and did my normal evening stuff.

For some reason, which I cannot now remember, I later had to go back into the garage.. probably to get something from my car.

As I opened the door from the basement into the garage something furry scurried past my feet and ran behind a ladder propped alongside the wall to my right. I of course, the brave being that I am, immediately decided to inspect.. by screaming, “ERIC!! There’s something FURRY in the garage!!!”

He came flying down the stairs to see what it was, barefoot, because he actually is brave.. or dumb.. And I pointed to the ladder and said, “it went that way!”

He tip-toed over and squatted down and was quiet for a second. Then he said softly, “it’s a baby bunny.” To which I responded in a very high pitched squeal, “a baby bunny!!! I want to see!!!”

He decided I was safe so went back upstairs to whatever he was doing, and I spent the remainder of the evening chasing the bunny around the garage trying to catch it. Every time I had him cornered I would stick out my hand to pick him up, then decide that he would bite me, so I would flinch at the last second and he would scurry off to another safe haven.

I knew he was hungry because part of my luring techniques were to toss him carrots and celery, and while I often couldn’t see him, I could hear nom nom nom.

Finally I got him cornered inside of something, so I blocked the only way out, ran and found a tall container, and then put that so that he would either have to go into that or stay inside.

With the help of some nummies, he hopped into my container, and then I, the proud new owner of a wild baby rabbit, ran upstairs to show Eric. He was soooooooooooo cute. Once he was safely in the container I was more brave and reached in to pet him, which he let me do because he didn’t have much choice (poor thing). And then I decided he needed to be moved to a larger container, so I prepared a large cardboard box, which utterly dwarfed him.

babybunny1 babybunny2

(Look at those widdle ears!! So fuzzy and snuggly)

He had water, carrots, celery and all the room he would ever need. But not really. Eric eventually convinced me that he really needed to be with his mama bunny and that the cats would probably not take too kindly to him.

So I took him into the back yard and said a very long and drawn out farewell. I let him out of his box and he didn’t go very far… it took him nearly ten minutes to gradually hop away under the nearby bushes. I was very sad, because he was the mostest cutest thing everest.

I tell this story because when I was looking for pictures of carrots for the baby’s current fruit/veg size this one showed up and it brought back fond memories of my little cutie pie pet for an evening. I believe I’ve seen him in the backyard a few times since then.. though we have a lot of bunnies so I can’t be too sure if it’s him or one of his multitudes of brothers and sisters and cousins. Pretty soon you’ll read about me cursing them all for eating all my garden before I can harvest anything, but my one little bunny will always be forgiven.

a carrot