The wee girl baby is already starting to collect stuff, and she isn’t even half baked yet.

So far she’s received:

  • Her first baby book, Harold and the Purple Crayon, from my friend Jen, which I’ve already read to her
  • Her first onesie from Eric’s counterpart at work, Kathy


  • The fabrics have been purchased for her first quilt, which will be made by her grandmother on the Z side

Not to mention all of the toys her daddy bought at Christmas, and the Dr. Seuss books and stuffed animals we’ve been collecting for some time. I’ll have to keep a running tally as she continues to make her mark in a world she doesn’t yet know.

Also, Eric has started picking out names without me. The day we found out that she was a girl he took it upon himself to start thinking up and researching the meanings behind names he liked. He called me up to tell me his top three. I think he talked it over with his co-workers as well, before he involved me. It’s really really cute that he’s getting excited, but I look forward to when we can sit down together and have a deep conversation about what we want and expect for our child, including her name. Unfortunately this week has been really hectic and we’ve seen very little of each other in the evenings (other than Wednesday when we went to dinner with friends, which wasn’t really conducive to private discussions between just the two of us 🙂 )

It’s so cute to see how he’s starting to take this baby seriously, that she might actually be a real baby some day and part of our lives, and not just something Lisa made up to get Eric to do stuff for her.

Oh! speaking of which; last night I was lying on the couch being a lazy bum while Eric had friends over to play games. He came to check on me and I said, “bring me cookies and milk!” He left and came back with a banana and I pouted with, “no, cookies and milk.” After explaining that bananas were healthier and I needed the potassium I countered with the fact that I’d had one for breakfast. So he left and came back with cookies and milk. I hadn’t honestly expected him to bring me those, but he did, and it was super sweet and I ate my cookies and milk and fell asleep on the couch. (While falling asleep on the couch is easier than falling asleep in bed, it sucks to wake up in the middle of the night and have to do all the nightly routine things like brushing of teeth and removing of contacts, which ends up waking you up and making it even harder to fall asleep in bed.. but c’est la vie at least I got some good hours in before that…. except for when the cat was persistently trying to wake me up so I would pet him).