First, some good news: Had a doctor’s visit this morning and I was told that the placenta is in the front, basically between the baby and my belly, which is why it’s so hard for me to feel her kicking. This was such a relief to hear, as I was worried why I haven’t been feeling much movement when others due around the same time have. But no worries, all is normal and wonderful in there, there’s just some cushion between me and her punches, which I should enjoy while it still lasts. This was a different doctor than last time, so now I’ve heard from three folks that my baby is a little mover n’ shaker, so enjoy the peace while it still lasts. Yay!

Regarding nesting.. Eric and I have lived in this house for a couple years now and have yet to actually decorate it. This is primarily due to my inability to make a decision around what I want rooms to look like. The one room that is 90% finished is due to Eric picking out the colors and then starting the painting job while I was out of town for a week. I was so excited to come back and find our dining room painted, and it made finishing that room so much less of a chore… well.. except that I still haven’t completed curtains in there. But it looks beautiful nonetheless.. a dark burgundy color with a big old-gold framed mirror that Eric had, and the furniture was all left behind from previous owners. And with the rug my mom bought us and the upholstery on the chairs it looks so beautiful and finished and coordinated.  So besides the curtains, that room is check and done.

The other rooms have been another story. I’ve been terribly indecisive, but once we finally replaced Eric’s old worn out couch with a sectional that actually fits nicely in our little living room, I managed to pick out pillows. And now things have started to come together. I know what colors, have started buying the window dressings (literally there were no curtains or anything on our windows besides the old pull down blinds left behind.. they took the curtain rods too!) and it’s soon going to hopefully look less apartmenty and more homey. It’s funny how it’s finally all coming together in my head, exactly what I want the room to look like, when before it was such a daunting task.

The same has been true for the baby’s room.. maybe I just need deadlines. After searching tirelessly for Dr. Seuss themed baby stuff, I found one I fell in love with. Of course the sets are overwhelmingly pink, but I think if I get a few of the pieces.. like the crib sheets, skirt and blanket, and the matching hamper and window valences, then do my own thing for everything else, then it’s going to look really cute while not blindingly pink.

I feel so house-wifey.. Between decorating our house, making plans for the baby, and cooking on an almost regular basis I think I might be able to do this mom thing. And until she reads this she’ll never know how super unorganized I was before. Unless I relapse…  But at least it’s lots of fun now to be doing all these things, and the chore feeling has left.

The ironic part of this nesting.. my theme is birds. The pillows I picked out on which I’m basing my color scheme for the living room has birds, and I kinda want to run with that. Not like a ridiculous amount of birds, just a few accents that make it all nice and coordinated.

Actually, the bird obsession started a little earlier.. my friend Dana gave us some bird themed kitchen things and I really liked them so guess I’m just running with that theme (like the bird paintings I made and put in the kitchen). All very fitting, as I’m nesting.