Breaking news: New Pregnancy Symptom Develops Causing Pain and Discomfort

Starting a few nights ago, as I was slumbering peacefully, something evil was taking place in my guts. I awoke sometime in the wee hours to cramping and churning in my belly. I tried tossing and turning, which everyone knows usually helps, but to no avail. Then I tried the bathroom treatment (try to go), again with no relief. I tried drinking water, but alas, still no easing.

Then I lay in bed perusing the internet on my phone trying to diagnose exactly what I was feeling. Most medical websites will list the potentially fatal ailments along with the less serious, which of course helps to alleviate fears.

Finally I read somewhere to drink some milk, as that might help. So I went downstairs, had myself a little mug of milk, then decided that being upright felt better than laying down, so I propped myself up on pillows and stretched out on the couch. Covered in a multitude of blankets, I finally managed to fall back asleep somewhere after 5:30 or so.

Of course I was probably soundly asleep for a good almost-hour before Eric came trekking downstairs to eat his breakfast, and was curious as to why I had abandoned him.

Thus ended my completely restful restless night. So not only was I exhausted the next day, but my tummy still hurt, and I haven’t completely figured out what’s causing it yet, except to assume it’s most likely pregnancy related. Fortunately, sleep-wise, I’ve learned the lesson of proppage which at least helps me sleep through the night, though it’s not terribly friendly to my neck or back, but if the tummy’s happy then the rest of the body gets over it.

I did read somewhere that I may have suddenly become intolerant of something that was fine pre-pregnancy, so I should eliminate one thing at a time from my diet to see what makes things happier. I thought it might be milk, but I know that yesterday I drank milk throughout the day and slept fine. Today, however, the tummy is unhappy, and I’m wracking my brain as to what might be causing it.

Maybe the baby is just playing hide and seek in my guts.

(PS I know I spelled Trouble wrong, it was for fun)