Eric is such a punk.

I’ll tell him that the baby was doing who-knows-what in my belly, I can’t tell for sure but there’s definitely something going on in there, but that now she’s finally being still and quiet.

And what does he do? He jostles my belly saying, “wake up wake up wake up.”

Other times he’ll put his cold hands on my unsuspecting belly when I’m not paying attention to him, and while trying to get away I’ll scream, “you’ll freeze the baby!”

I love him so much. He drives me nuts, but is so cute doing it.

I’ve been told that I need to make this deal with him.. if he wakes the baby now, then when she’s born he gets to stay up with her when she’s awake during the night. I like that deal. I think if I wake up to her screaming I’ll just turn to Eric and whisper in his face, “wake up wake up wake up.”