Last spring, around this time, I came home from work and pulled into the garage. I went upstairs through the basement and did my normal evening stuff.

For some reason, which I cannot now remember, I later had to go back into the garage.. probably to get something from my car.

As I opened the door from the basement into the garage something furry scurried past my feet and ran behind a ladder propped alongside the wall to my right. I of course, the brave being that I am, immediately decided to inspect.. by screaming, “ERIC!! There’s something FURRY in the garage!!!”

He came flying down the stairs to see what it was, barefoot, because he actually is brave.. or dumb.. And I pointed to the ladder and said, “it went that way!”

He tip-toed over and squatted down and was quiet for a second. Then he said softly, “it’s a baby bunny.” To which I responded in a very high pitched squeal, “a baby bunny!!! I want to see!!!”

He decided I was safe so went back upstairs to whatever he was doing, and I spent the remainder of the evening chasing the bunny around the garage trying to catch it. Every time I had him cornered I would stick out my hand to pick him up, then decide that he would bite me, so I would flinch at the last second and he would scurry off to another safe haven.

I knew he was hungry because part of my luring techniques were to toss him carrots and celery, and while I often couldn’t see him, I could hear nom nom nom.

Finally I got him cornered inside of something, so I blocked the only way out, ran and found a tall container, and then put that so that he would either have to go into that or stay inside.

With the help of some nummies, he hopped into my container, and then I, the proud new owner of a wild baby rabbit, ran upstairs to show Eric. He was soooooooooooo cute. Once he was safely in the container I was more brave and reached in to pet him, which he let me do because he didn’t have much choice (poor thing). And then I decided he needed to be moved to a larger container, so I prepared a large cardboard box, which utterly dwarfed him.

babybunny1 babybunny2

(Look at those widdle ears!! So fuzzy and snuggly)

He had water, carrots, celery and all the room he would ever need. But not really. Eric eventually convinced me that he really needed to be with his mama bunny and that the cats would probably not take too kindly to him.

So I took him into the back yard and said a very long and drawn out farewell. I let him out of his box and he didn’t go very far… it took him nearly ten minutes to gradually hop away under the nearby bushes. I was very sad, because he was the mostest cutest thing everest.

I tell this story because when I was looking for pictures of carrots for the baby’s current fruit/veg size this one showed up and it brought back fond memories of my little cutie pie pet for an evening. I believe I’ve seen him in the backyard a few times since then.. though we have a lot of bunnies so I can’t be too sure if it’s him or one of his multitudes of brothers and sisters and cousins. Pretty soon you’ll read about me cursing them all for eating all my garden before I can harvest anything, but my one little bunny will always be forgiven.

a carrot