Had to share a quick second post about what Eric has to live with.

I had a really rough night, last night, with tummy aches and having to get up to go to the restroom a million times. Well earlier in the evening I had gotten out my tub of nail polishes thinking I would paint my toenails. Or rather, beg Eric to paint them for me. But that never happened.

Unfortunately I forgot that I had gotten it out and set it on the toilet seat, so when I got up in the middle of the night I had to move it to the edge of the sink. Well I was sleepy and didn’t have my glasses on, so when I went to then wash my hands I knocked the tub into the sink with a loud crash. Thankfully the lid stayed on, but it made such a racket that Eric awoke yelling, “What was that?? Are you ok???” to which I answered, “… yeah…. sorry..” and then climbed back into bed.

Being in the state that I am, I had to use the restroom again and I of course forgot all about the first experience, so I knocked it into the sink again, and again Eric yelled out “What was that?? Are you ok??”

On the third or fourth time this happened he said something along the lines of “is that you again?” or something… I don’t really remember. That might have been the time that my foggy brain started working a little and I came to the realization that the tub shouldn’t really be perched on the edge of the sink in the dark with a clumsy tired pregnant woman who can’t see for crap without glasses/contacts, so I finally moved it to the floor. Or maybe it was the fifth time…

Poor Eric. Thank goodness he doesn’t actually remember how many times I woke him up last night.