I sense an impending threat to our family’s well being. Last night I was sitting on the opposite end of the couch from Eric, who was being monopolized by one little gray kitty who couldn’t seem to get enough of his attention.

I was quietly sitting there feeling the baby moving around.. kick.. punch.. kick. It was all over the place. I’d feel some movement through my belly onto my hands on the left side, then the right side. Then both sides. So I assumed she was doing some acrobatics or dancing or practicing kick boxing or something.

Eventually I decided Eric needed to experience some of this, though it’s harder for him to feel it because I have the reassuring feeling of the inside to confirm what I’m feeling on my hand, which he obviously doesn’t.

But he tried nonetheless, and came over and sat next to me with his hand stretch across my belly.

We were talking about the baby and we both happened to look up…. to see curious and serious eyes watching us from the arm of the other end of the couch. Very serious eyes. Very knowing eyes. Gradually she got up and sauntered casually over to us. She climbed right over top of Eric, and onto my belly, where she lay down with her face inches from mine. And she stared at me. And purred.

Eric was amused that the “feel the baby” game had ended so abruptly because of that cat rule that anything that draws our attention must be sat on, and this time it was me. Or the bump. Or the baby, or whatever.

Fortunately I believe she is very much the mother cat, so once the baby is here hopefully she’ll have more of a protective nature and less of a “I must sit on you because you are drawing attention away from me” mentality.