Hurray for Easter. Even if it isn’t spring quite yet because the groundhog screwed up and gave us the wrong prediction… and it’s been even longer than the 6 weeks he should have predicted.. it’s like infinite winter. I’m sooooo ready for the trees to burst into flowers!

At least in the meantime I get to color some eggs. And sort Legos. (for the Building Block Blitz event next weekend)

I asked my co-worker, Mary, to take a pic. It’s a little hard to see with the black shirt and dark jeans, but you can see that the bump has grown.


Taken near the end of 23 weeks

This is a great weekend to think about the miracle of the little baby inside me, as we learn again about the miracle of Jesus and all he did for us. It’s a wonderful time of year. If only it would warm up enough for the little flowers to come out of hiding. And the baby bunnies.