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How does one rationalize with an unborn child?

So basically I was sitting there minding my own business, when something painful started happening in my belly. It felt like she was pinching me or something. I would feel movement, but it would send a sharp jab of pain in my gut. I scolded her, “stop that!” but of course she didn’t listen. It went on for a little while with me reprimanding my belly before it finally stopped.

Yesterday I made sure to stop by the restroom before heading out on my daily lunch break walk, but as soon as I got outside she shifted so that she was sitting on my bladder. I tried rebuking her and pushing my belly around to shift her to a new position, which did actually work after about five minutes.

So yes there’s me, walking around scolding my belly.

I already know once she’s born it will be impossible for me to reprimand her.. she’ll probably just be too darn cute, so Eric will have to do it all. Though based on how he admonishes the girl kitty, softly cooing, “no.. that’s not good”, it will all be utterly hopeless.


Today is bring your kid to work day. But it’s like no big deal because I bring mine every day 🙂 🙂

It was the cutest thing ever! I wish it happened more often than once a year.

So in our department, Sales, we put together a “presentation” for the kids. There were five groups of 8-15 kids that came through, grouped by age, and we talked about what Sales does here, showed them some commercials and let them pick which one they liked the best, talked about packaging labels and let them choose between the new and old label and why they liked it, and had a taste test between our product and the competitor’s product.

Kids say the funniest things!!!

  • “Going shopping with my mom is painful”
  • “Thanks for making something that doesn’t taste completely awful”
  • “I love fruit.. nom nom nom” (while making big eyes and silly face and a lizard tongue action showing how much she wants to eat fruit)
  • “Why don’t you just go on Shark Tank? You could get like 150 Ks on there”
  • “My mom works here”

The Category Manager and I really wanted to pull out some of the kids and put together an AT&T type round table discussion. One little boy went off on a really long tangent about something hilarious, and I wanted to ask, “Which is better? Faster or Slower?” Keep in mind our little presentation was a total of 10 minutes long, but the last group went long because he really wanted to tell us his thoughts.

(Found out later that same kid told one of the other departments, “You’re not going to try and copy another company’s product right?  Because you tried to copy Heinz’ ketchup and that didn’t go so well.”)

I can’t wait until my little tot is old enough (a million years from now) so that I can bring her and follow her group around to see what other departments are doing and just experience kid-dom all day long. I’m a little jealous of Eric for getting to spend all day with silly kids.. although I would imagine that like anything you start to become a little numb to it after awhile… maybe..

What a fun day. And the HR lady took my pic in front of the “Bring your kid to work day” sign since I technically brought mine 🙂


So I’ve mentioned the tummy troubles a few times before.. generally my stomach has been hurting pretty much constantly, but sometimes more than others. Well Friday was a much-more-than-others kind of time.. it was so uncomfortable and bordering on really-painful that it almost brought me to tears. I couldn’t get comfortable at my desk, and I couldn’t lean back far enough to make it go away (yes, I slouch severely at work now to alleviate pain and it usually works pretty well.. though I look like a lazy slob when someone comes to talk to me). But yeah, Friday nothing was helping except if I stood up and walked around and stretched which made the pain drop down to mere discomfort.

So I did what anyone would do and started researching online, which is always comforting when you see that you have all of the symptoms for some fatal condition. I called my OBG office and asked if I could talk to a doctor, and after explaining what I was feeling I was told the doc would call me when she was available.

My co-worker overheard me talking and asked if I was ok. At that point I was in a LOT of discomfort/pain and had worked up a bit of paranoia and was just having a really difficult time sitting still at my desk. She suggested I should probably go talk to the boss and go home – maybe go visit the OBG in person or at least go lie down at home since lying down generally helps. I went and started to tell the boss that I wasn’t feeling well, that I had called the OBG and.. And before I could even finish my sentence he said, “go do whatever you need to do. Have a good weekend.”

So I did. I called the OBG back once I got in the car and said I’d like to just come visit, even if just for reassurance that everything was ok and they told me to come right in.

(I also called Eric to tell him what was going on and he asked that I be sure to call him if I died. So I asked if he wanted to keep the baby if I died, and he said sure, that sounded good.)

Once there they did the normal checks (like blood pressure, etc) and things were looking pretty good. But based on the stuff I had told them they wanted to check that I wasn’t having contractions or something that I shouldn’t be, so they had me in the room ready to hook me up to some machine that would measure that kind of stuff. The doc came in and asked a bunch of questions then started prodding my upper abdomen.. really hard. Right under my rib cage and breast bone it hurt really really bad when she pushed.. especially as she was pushing pretty hard. She decided it was too high up to be related to the uterus or whatever and declared that it was indigestion related. She prescribed Zantac and said if I didn’t feel better within a week then we could look into what else it might be.

So far my tummy doesn’t hurt all the time, such as when I haven’t eaten or anything, as it was before. It now only hurts right after I eat. I’m hoping that it will build up and make it so I can eat without lying down/reclining right after. I’ve been told (by mom and mom-in-law) that I also need to learn how to eat tiny little meals of very bland food instead of the general 3-5 meals per day. And bland? What gives? I’m trying soo hard to eat well for this little bundle including real fruits and veggies and whole grain bread with lots of fiber, but apparently those are wrecking havoc on my stomach. It’s impossible to win..

I’ve decided I still want to do my best to eat healthy and not completely give up my fruits and veggies, but that maybe I should space them out a little and eat them slower or something.

Of course Eric’s comment was, “See, I told you fruits and vegetables are poison.”

Yesterday was the bombing of the Boston Marathon. I had a friend there who was running for Children’s Hospital. Eric called me at 4:30 and said, “did you hear about the bombing?? Call Jen!” which I immediately did, but it went straight to voice mail  At the same time emails were flying around from friends we have in common, so I did manage to hear that she was ok.

On my drive home our bible study group leader called me to see if I’d heard from her, and apparently the girls were praying for her.

Today I managed to get a text from her, and she and her family/friends who came to watch or run are all safe and sound.

Unfortunately that’s not the case with so many others; the count of injured and dead is still going up, and the question keeps being asked, “why would someone do this?” as it was asked in other tragedies of late. It’s scary to think of the world that I’m bringing my baby into, but through it all, we always see good come from every circumstance. There are so many more good people than there are evil ones, the devil hasn’t won yet. God manages to make good things come from each of these devastating events. One really bad 30 seconds will occur, followed by hours, days, weeks and even months of loving, giving, compassionate acts from the community. Which gives me hope. I want my daughter to be one of those who loves, gives, shares, and shows compassion during the bad things that will happen during her life.

So on a happier note, God has been blessing me tremendously, which I have done nothing to deserve. At work things are changing and it has turned out to be very good for me. And I got to come to work this morning to cupcakes, which could never in million years be a bad thing. Even if I had to drink sugar stuff for the gestational diabetes exam this morning… followed by a reward of a Starbucks frappaccino because what goes better with sugar than more sugar? (I earned it because I let someone take my blood on my birthday.. I earned it) So yes, I’ve fed on sugar all morning and I’m sure the baby’s going to remind me of it later. Or maybe I’ll just crash at lunch time.

Plus yesterday I took advantage of my free ice cream cone from Marble Slab on my way home, and the guy was super nice and said, “21 again?” to which I replied, “every year!” Strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone.. mmmm. (yup, livin’ on sugar.. won’t my OBGyn be proud!)

And to boot it’s a beautiful day outside and the trees are finally starting to burst into flowers. I love Eric and he loves me, and the baby’s attempts to destroy my insides can’t destroy my mood 🙂 (TMI warning: I try not to make it a habit, and I don’t drink very much when I do drink it, but a little coffee goes a long way in getting your functions moving better. They make such a fuss over drinking coffee when pregnant, which I avoided like the plague during my first trimester because of the increased risk of miscarriage, but now I hear it’s safe to drink once in a while and I love it because it makes life more pleasant.)

Here’s my happy tasty cupcakes from my co-worker Nancy (she meant one for me, one for the baby and one for Eric… I’m thinking three for me..):


This Saturday Eric and I spent all morning cleaning. We were cleaning out the “cats’ room” to move furniture from the guest room into there, so that the guest room could become the baby’s room. So, because Eric should have been a project manager, he started at the beginning instead of the end, as I would have done. We cleaned and dusted and vacuumed and scrubbed the cats’ room first.  And once that room was rearranged and as clean as clean could be, we moved some stuff from one room to the other. Then cleaned the baby’s room, instead of starting there 🙂 Granted, I didn’t really move anything heavy, was just there for moral support and little things, but still, I helped!

Then the delivery truck arrived with our new baby furniture, in excessively large boxes and I’m sure very well packed. I haven’t seen the actual pieces yet, but the boxes are ginormous. Eric’s going to get his brother, Jason, to help unpack and arrange and assemble and whatnot.

Oh, I forgot to mention we actually started Saturday bright and early with a trip to the mechanic – Eric to get his car looked at and diagnosed, and me for a well overdue inspection.

At some point during the day he’d also convinced me to help him make birthday cake popcorn.. a recipe one of his co-workers had given him that makes super sweet popcorn – think chocolate covered popcorn, but instead it’s a white chocolate and cake mix glaze so you don’t realize what you’re biting into until it’s too late.

Anyway, the point is that the morning was jam packed with stuff, I never got to shower, and I was filthy by the time lunch rolled around. But onward we went and dishes I did, as well as laundry, put stuff away, etc etc the list goes on. Around 3 we went to pick up my car which was now legal to drive again, and when I got home Eric was missing, having driven off somewhere else. I thought it the perfect opportunity to get a nice hot relaxing shower in, and when I got out Eric was home. I threw on pj’s and with my soppy wet hair I came downstairs and was getting ready to finally relax for the rest of the day when Crystal (Eric’s sister-in-law) showed up.. with a present for me and babbling about going to get pizza. I was working on darting upstairs to find something more decent to wear and Eric looked up at me with a big grin and said, “Happy Birthday Lisa!” and I asked, “are more coming?” which was answered to the affirmative, so I decided I should probably make myself a bit more presentable.

By the time I was decently clothed with dry hair Crystal was on her way out the door (she had apparently arrived a bit early and was therefore given the task of picking up the pizzas), so I sat down on the couch to work on my laptop until the party officially started. I literally had just gotten comfortable when the doorbell rang, and this time it was my friend Maja! With cake! It was a very nice surprise to see her, one that I didn’t know Eric would have thought of.

I noticed a theme as Eric’s parents arrived with a fresh cut fruit tray and soda pop – Eric is exceptionally good at delegating 🙂

It was a really nice party. Eric had even gotten a red velvet cake in case someone didn’t want super chocolaty ice cream cake (who wouldn’t want that?), he’d stocked up on milk and chocolate milk, and then he’d also managed to trick me into making the super sweet popcorn, which I’m so grateful ended up being for more people than just us because I was really worried about how sick we were going to make ourselves.

When Eric was cutting the ice cream cake he was making small slivers because it was so rich and delicious, but when it came time for him to cut his piece he managed to get a very very large piece… which did not go unnoticed. And he went back for seconds, which he called, “Crystal seconds.”

As the party dwindled down, Maja, Jason, Crystal, Eric and I ended up sitting around talking about various topics late into the evening and in all it was a really nice day. My tummy was still giving me trouble so I had to recline a good portion of the evening, but people seem to be pretty forgiving of pregnancy symptoms 🙂 And I taught Maja how to play Mastermind which Jason was very intrigued about, so I may have someone else to play with as well.

Oh, and on the ice cream cake Eric had something really sweet written:


This morning I had another doctor’s appointment (which I actually forgot about until I was walking out the door headed to work) and while the doctor was trying to listen for the baby’s heartbeat she was furiously fighting back. The doctor chuckled and said, “she does not want me to push on your belly… she’s kicking and punching like crazy” and as the doctor continued to probe over my belly with the listeny-thingy I did start to feel harder and harder kicks bubbling up from within me. She’s a pissy baby.. who doesn’t like her space any more cramped than it already is.

I’ve noticed at night that, since when I lay on my side my belly and back are uncomfortable until I prop my belly onto something, as I move my belly to put it onto something like a pillow or stuffed animal she starts going nuts. Or if Eric pushes on my belly… or sometimes just for fun I like to push on my belly to piss her off.

Something else the doctor asked was if I had any cats. She asked if they liked to lay on my belly and I admitted that I do have one cat who particularly likes to lay on my belly. She jokingly said she thinks that cats know there’s a baby in there, and that they’re probably talking to one another. I do think the girl kitty probably does know.. especially since we believe she probably had kittens many moons ago (way before we adopted her) and she has that mothery-ness about her. Maybe she’s trying to soothe the baby. I don’t recall the baby kicking when she’s lying on top of me…

One other topic I wanted to document is about our friends Ben and Amanda. They were one week ahead of us in pregnancy, but Amanda had her baby last week. Fortunately for them the baby is doing well, she’s just tiny as all get out. It’s just utterly strange to me to think that this week I could have a baby.

I guess I still have three months of sharing my body to look forward to. I think we’re going to start a war.. she’ll kick me and I’ll push on her. 😀