One thing I’m really excited about is that when ‘lil baby joins us I’ll have someone to do “kid” things with. Like carving pumpkins, making ginger bread houses, and dying Easter eggs.

Those are things I never really grew out of, and it’s often hard to find someone else (around my own age) who is willing to participate in activities like this.

I know I’ll have to wait a little while, and the process will be much messier at that time than what I’m currently used to, but I still can’t wait until we reach the holiday craft fun times when she’s old enough.

I did dye eggs this weekend, and suckered Eric into at least sitting with me while I did it, and he kinda got lured into doing one or two himself just by virtue of trying to speed up my process. This was a special request from Eric’s mom so that when she makes egg salad or something the eggs are colorful (from where the dye leaks through the shell… sanitary?)

Now the fact that I am an annual egg dyer does not imply that I’m any good at it. But it was fun, and I had one new kit as well as some remnants from past kits to help vary the eggs a little. (one of the old kits was a turn-your-eggs-into-monsters kit which is why two look the way they do)

EasterEggs1 EasterEggs2

Hope you had a Happy Easter!