This morning I had another doctor’s appointment (which I actually forgot about until I was walking out the door headed to work) and while the doctor was trying to listen for the baby’s heartbeat she was furiously fighting back. The doctor chuckled and said, “she does not want me to push on your belly… she’s kicking and punching like crazy” and as the doctor continued to probe over my belly with the listeny-thingy I did start to feel harder and harder kicks bubbling up from within me. She’s a pissy baby.. who doesn’t like her space any more cramped than it already is.

I’ve noticed at night that, since when I lay on my side my belly and back are uncomfortable until I prop my belly onto something, as I move my belly to put it onto something like a pillow or stuffed animal she starts going nuts. Or if Eric pushes on my belly… or sometimes just for fun I like to push on my belly to piss her off.

Something else the doctor asked was if I had any cats. She asked if they liked to lay on my belly and I admitted that I do have one cat who particularly likes to lay on my belly. She jokingly said she thinks that cats know there’s a baby in there, and that they’re probably talking to one another. I do think the girl kitty probably does know.. especially since we believe she probably had kittens many moons ago (way before we adopted her) and she has that mothery-ness about her. Maybe she’s trying to soothe the baby. I don’t recall the baby kicking when she’s lying on top of me…

One other topic I wanted to document is about our friends Ben and Amanda. They were one week ahead of us in pregnancy, but Amanda had her baby last week. Fortunately for them the baby is doing well, she’s just tiny as all get out. It’s just utterly strange to me to think that this week I could have a baby.

I guess I still have three months of sharing my body to look forward to. I think we’re going to start a war.. she’ll kick me and I’ll push on her. 😀