This Saturday Eric and I spent all morning cleaning. We were cleaning out the “cats’ room” to move furniture from the guest room into there, so that the guest room could become the baby’s room. So, because Eric should have been a project manager, he started at the beginning instead of the end, as I would have done. We cleaned and dusted and vacuumed and scrubbed the cats’ room first.  And once that room was rearranged and as clean as clean could be, we moved some stuff from one room to the other. Then cleaned the baby’s room, instead of starting there 🙂 Granted, I didn’t really move anything heavy, was just there for moral support and little things, but still, I helped!

Then the delivery truck arrived with our new baby furniture, in excessively large boxes and I’m sure very well packed. I haven’t seen the actual pieces yet, but the boxes are ginormous. Eric’s going to get his brother, Jason, to help unpack and arrange and assemble and whatnot.

Oh, I forgot to mention we actually started Saturday bright and early with a trip to the mechanic – Eric to get his car looked at and diagnosed, and me for a well overdue inspection.

At some point during the day he’d also convinced me to help him make birthday cake popcorn.. a recipe one of his co-workers had given him that makes super sweet popcorn – think chocolate covered popcorn, but instead it’s a white chocolate and cake mix glaze so you don’t realize what you’re biting into until it’s too late.

Anyway, the point is that the morning was jam packed with stuff, I never got to shower, and I was filthy by the time lunch rolled around. But onward we went and dishes I did, as well as laundry, put stuff away, etc etc the list goes on. Around 3 we went to pick up my car which was now legal to drive again, and when I got home Eric was missing, having driven off somewhere else. I thought it the perfect opportunity to get a nice hot relaxing shower in, and when I got out Eric was home. I threw on pj’s and with my soppy wet hair I came downstairs and was getting ready to finally relax for the rest of the day when Crystal (Eric’s sister-in-law) showed up.. with a present for me and babbling about going to get pizza. I was working on darting upstairs to find something more decent to wear and Eric looked up at me with a big grin and said, “Happy Birthday Lisa!” and I asked, “are more coming?” which was answered to the affirmative, so I decided I should probably make myself a bit more presentable.

By the time I was decently clothed with dry hair Crystal was on her way out the door (she had apparently arrived a bit early and was therefore given the task of picking up the pizzas), so I sat down on the couch to work on my laptop until the party officially started. I literally had just gotten comfortable when the doorbell rang, and this time it was my friend Maja! With cake! It was a very nice surprise to see her, one that I didn’t know Eric would have thought of.

I noticed a theme as Eric’s parents arrived with a fresh cut fruit tray and soda pop – Eric is exceptionally good at delegating 🙂

It was a really nice party. Eric had even gotten a red velvet cake in case someone didn’t want super chocolaty ice cream cake (who wouldn’t want that?), he’d stocked up on milk and chocolate milk, and then he’d also managed to trick me into making the super sweet popcorn, which I’m so grateful ended up being for more people than just us because I was really worried about how sick we were going to make ourselves.

When Eric was cutting the ice cream cake he was making small slivers because it was so rich and delicious, but when it came time for him to cut his piece he managed to get a very very large piece… which did not go unnoticed. And he went back for seconds, which he called, “Crystal seconds.”

As the party dwindled down, Maja, Jason, Crystal, Eric and I ended up sitting around talking about various topics late into the evening and in all it was a really nice day. My tummy was still giving me trouble so I had to recline a good portion of the evening, but people seem to be pretty forgiving of pregnancy symptoms 🙂 And I taught Maja how to play Mastermind which Jason was very intrigued about, so I may have someone else to play with as well.

Oh, and on the ice cream cake Eric had something really sweet written: