Yesterday was the bombing of the Boston Marathon. I had a friend there who was running for Children’s Hospital. Eric called me at 4:30 and said, “did you hear about the bombing?? Call Jen!” which I immediately did, but it went straight to voice mail  At the same time emails were flying around from friends we have in common, so I did manage to hear that she was ok.

On my drive home our bible study group leader called me to see if I’d heard from her, and apparently the girls were praying for her.

Today I managed to get a text from her, and she and her family/friends who came to watch or run are all safe and sound.

Unfortunately that’s not the case with so many others; the count of injured and dead is still going up, and the question keeps being asked, “why would someone do this?” as it was asked in other tragedies of late. It’s scary to think of the world that I’m bringing my baby into, but through it all, we always see good come from every circumstance. There are so many more good people than there are evil ones, the devil hasn’t won yet. God manages to make good things come from each of these devastating events. One really bad 30 seconds will occur, followed by hours, days, weeks and even months of loving, giving, compassionate acts from the community. Which gives me hope. I want my daughter to be one of those who loves, gives, shares, and shows compassion during the bad things that will happen during her life.

So on a happier note, God has been blessing me tremendously, which I have done nothing to deserve. At work things are changing and it has turned out to be very good for me. And I got to come to work this morning to cupcakes, which could never in million years be a bad thing. Even if I had to drink sugar stuff for the gestational diabetes exam this morning… followed by a reward of a Starbucks frappaccino because what goes better with sugar than more sugar? (I earned it because I let someone take my blood on my birthday.. I earned it) So yes, I’ve fed on sugar all morning and I’m sure the baby’s going to remind me of it later. Or maybe I’ll just crash at lunch time.

Plus yesterday I took advantage of my free ice cream cone from Marble Slab on my way home, and the guy was super nice and said, “21 again?” to which I replied, “every year!” Strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone.. mmmm. (yup, livin’ on sugar.. won’t my OBGyn be proud!)

And to boot it’s a beautiful day outside and the trees are finally starting to burst into flowers. I love Eric and he loves me, and the baby’s attempts to destroy my insides can’t destroy my mood 🙂 (TMI warning: I try not to make it a habit, and I don’t drink very much when I do drink it, but a little coffee goes a long way in getting your functions moving better. They make such a fuss over drinking coffee when pregnant, which I avoided like the plague during my first trimester because of the increased risk of miscarriage, but now I hear it’s safe to drink once in a while and I love it because it makes life more pleasant.)

Here’s my happy tasty cupcakes from my co-worker Nancy (she meant one for me, one for the baby and one for Eric… I’m thinking three for me..):