So I’ve mentioned the tummy troubles a few times before.. generally my stomach has been hurting pretty much constantly, but sometimes more than others. Well Friday was a much-more-than-others kind of time.. it was so uncomfortable and bordering on really-painful that it almost brought me to tears. I couldn’t get comfortable at my desk, and I couldn’t lean back far enough to make it go away (yes, I slouch severely at work now to alleviate pain and it usually works pretty well.. though I look like a lazy slob when someone comes to talk to me). But yeah, Friday nothing was helping except if I stood up and walked around and stretched which made the pain drop down to mere discomfort.

So I did what anyone would do and started researching online, which is always comforting when you see that you have all of the symptoms for some fatal condition. I called my OBG office and asked if I could talk to a doctor, and after explaining what I was feeling I was told the doc would call me when she was available.

My co-worker overheard me talking and asked if I was ok. At that point I was in a LOT of discomfort/pain and had worked up a bit of paranoia and was just having a really difficult time sitting still at my desk. She suggested I should probably go talk to the boss and go home – maybe go visit the OBG in person or at least go lie down at home since lying down generally helps. I went and started to tell the boss that I wasn’t feeling well, that I had called the OBG and.. And before I could even finish my sentence he said, “go do whatever you need to do. Have a good weekend.”

So I did. I called the OBG back once I got in the car and said I’d like to just come visit, even if just for reassurance that everything was ok and they told me to come right in.

(I also called Eric to tell him what was going on and he asked that I be sure to call him if I died. So I asked if he wanted to keep the baby if I died, and he said sure, that sounded good.)

Once there they did the normal checks (like blood pressure, etc) and things were looking pretty good. But based on the stuff I had told them they wanted to check that I wasn’t having contractions or something that I shouldn’t be, so they had me in the room ready to hook me up to some machine that would measure that kind of stuff. The doc came in and asked a bunch of questions then started prodding my upper abdomen.. really hard. Right under my rib cage and breast bone it hurt really really bad when she pushed.. especially as she was pushing pretty hard. She decided it was too high up to be related to the uterus or whatever and declared that it was indigestion related. She prescribed Zantac and said if I didn’t feel better within a week then we could look into what else it might be.

So far my tummy doesn’t hurt all the time, such as when I haven’t eaten or anything, as it was before. It now only hurts right after I eat. I’m hoping that it will build up and make it so I can eat without lying down/reclining right after. I’ve been told (by mom and mom-in-law) that I also need to learn how to eat tiny little meals of very bland food instead of the general 3-5 meals per day. And bland? What gives? I’m trying soo hard to eat well for this little bundle including real fruits and veggies and whole grain bread with lots of fiber, but apparently those are wrecking havoc on my stomach. It’s impossible to win..

I’ve decided I still want to do my best to eat healthy and not completely give up my fruits and veggies, but that maybe I should space them out a little and eat them slower or something.

Of course Eric’s comment was, “See, I told you fruits and vegetables are poison.”