Today is bring your kid to work day. But it’s like no big deal because I bring mine every day 🙂 🙂

It was the cutest thing ever! I wish it happened more often than once a year.

So in our department, Sales, we put together a “presentation” for the kids. There were five groups of 8-15 kids that came through, grouped by age, and we talked about what Sales does here, showed them some commercials and let them pick which one they liked the best, talked about packaging labels and let them choose between the new and old label and why they liked it, and had a taste test between our product and the competitor’s product.

Kids say the funniest things!!!

  • “Going shopping with my mom is painful”
  • “Thanks for making something that doesn’t taste completely awful”
  • “I love fruit.. nom nom nom” (while making big eyes and silly face and a lizard tongue action showing how much she wants to eat fruit)
  • “Why don’t you just go on Shark Tank? You could get like 150 Ks on there”
  • “My mom works here”

The Category Manager and I really wanted to pull out some of the kids and put together an AT&T type round table discussion. One little boy went off on a really long tangent about something hilarious, and I wanted to ask, “Which is better? Faster or Slower?” Keep in mind our little presentation was a total of 10 minutes long, but the last group went long because he really wanted to tell us his thoughts.

(Found out later that same kid told one of the other departments, “You’re not going to try and copy another company’s product right?  Because you tried to copy Heinz’ ketchup and that didn’t go so well.”)

I can’t wait until my little tot is old enough (a million years from now) so that I can bring her and follow her group around to see what other departments are doing and just experience kid-dom all day long. I’m a little jealous of Eric for getting to spend all day with silly kids.. although I would imagine that like anything you start to become a little numb to it after awhile… maybe..

What a fun day. And the HR lady took my pic in front of the “Bring your kid to work day” sign since I technically brought mine 🙂