How does one rationalize with an unborn child?

So basically I was sitting there minding my own business, when something painful started happening in my belly. It felt like she was pinching me or something. I would feel movement, but it would send a sharp jab of pain in my gut. I scolded her, “stop that!” but of course she didn’t listen. It went on for a little while with me reprimanding my belly before it finally stopped.

Yesterday I made sure to stop by the restroom before heading out on my daily lunch break walk, but as soon as I got outside she shifted so that she was sitting on my bladder. I tried rebuking her and pushing my belly around to shift her to a new position, which did actually work after about five minutes.

So yes there’s me, walking around scolding my belly.

I already know once she’s born it will be impossible for me to reprimand her.. she’ll probably just be too darn cute, so Eric will have to do it all. Though based on how he admonishes the girl kitty, softly cooing, “no.. that’s not good”, it will all be utterly hopeless.