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Monthly Archives: May 2013

God is awesome.

So one of Eric’s co-workers started giving him some Parenting Magazines and he brought them home and left them for me to read. Due to all the crazy business right now, I haven’t had time to read them yet, so he asked if he should just chuck them. I said no, that I would read them eventually.

Well last night I came home from work and he was lounging on the couch perusing one of said magazines and he quipped, “we need to get one of those floor chair things because the baby learns faster if she’s sitting up because… ” and then “it’s actually recommended that a father rough house with his child because… ”

I smiled to myself, happy that A) he’s taking an interest in learning about what experts recommend for our child instead of just ‘winging it’ and B) he’s giving input into what we need to purchase for her instead of just leaving it all to me.

Then he said something completely out of character for him when it comes to stuff like magazines or resource material: “We should probably keep these.”

I’m so happy he’s starting to get excited.


I was so afraid that my inny would become an outie, but no one told me about the chances that it would just disappear altogether. Well actually, about a month ago my sister did tell me this happened to her.. but by then it was already too late because I had watched it shrink from a regular, attractive might I say?, normal looking belly button to an increasingly smaller skin hole.

Pretty soon it’s going to disappear completely, or maybe it will implode.

It’s just so… not attractive anymore. And Eric was looking at it and he asked, “didn’t your belly button used to be down here?” to which I could only reply that I suppose it had moved. (Better than saying that all the skin between it and the bottom of my belly had stretched and poofed out ­čśŽ )


This weekend was my baby shower… and oh was it so cute.

Crystal, Bobbi and Denise truly outdid themselves with the Dr. Seuss theme and all the cuteness. There was even green (deviled) eggs and ham! And Pink Yink Ink Drink (punch)!

A family friend’s daughter (Hannah) drew the Dr. Seuss screen print for the cake and the poster outside (so people could find Crystal’s house), and Jason and Mal got involved with baking (cookies, lasagna), cleaning, decorating.. I heard that even other kids helped create the truffula trees.

Bobbi made adorable baby rattle cake pops (that were delicious!), and Crystal endeavored to capture something from as many Dr. Seuss stories as possible… I wasn’t even sure where some of the references came from ­čÖé The food was delicious (tons of compliments on the ham especially) and the decor and ambiance sweet and adorable.

It was a very nice party and I’m really appreciative of the good friends and the family that came and celebrated with me! Especially given that my family can’t travel all the way up here for a party, but who were celebrating with me in spirit and will get a chance to ooh and ah over the baby after she arrives.

Eric’s family is so sweet and wonderful and generous. I’m truly blessed to be a part of them ­čÖé

(Pictures to come soon! As soon as I figure out how to get them off my camera … can’t find the cable and apparently my computer doesn’t have the memory card ports… )

The other evening I went grocery shopping. Shocking, I know.

Well anyway, as I was checking out the cashier noticed the bump and asked, “soooo when are you due??” I replied, “July,” to which she brightened and held out her left hand with sparkly rings and said, “I’ll have been married one year in July!” … to which I replied sheepishly.. “me too..”

Then she said, “What’s your due date??” and I said, “July 21.” She puzzled over that for a second and said, “is that close to your anniversary?” and I, again sheepishly, commented, “yeah.. same day..”

I learned the hard way that it truly is important to ensure that proper sustenance is being ingested in a timely manner when resources are being shared. Or as one friend put it, “your body gives the baby the good stuff, and you the crap.”

I normally eat something on my way to work, like an english muffin or a piece of bread with Nutella on it (mmmmmm) and then when I get to work I’ll eat a yogurt or banana or some sort of additional breakfasty item.

One day, very recently, I neglected the second half of breakfast. And not only that, I failed to eat any type of snack, or drink milk/chocolate milk, I just utterly abandoned my body’s needs as I rushed about my work.

At 11ish I noticed my hands were twitchy.. like violently shaking like a really really old person. I chalked it up to either drinking coffee or not drinking coffee or whatever, it didn’t matter.

At 11:20 I became profusely hot. Sweatingly even. I started shedding layers because clearly someone had turned off the A/C.. and turned on the heat for that matter, and why was it so freaking hot?

At 11:30 I got up to go to a meeting in a conference room on a different floor, and as I began the climb upstairs I realized I felt faint. And the stairs were just daunting. But I persisted and made it up one flight, huffed for a moment, then realized I didn’t know where I was going. In fact, I wasn’t really sure what was going on. I stood there in the hallway like a lost child for a few moments, looked at my phone, looked around, looked at my phone.. Then I rode the elevator downstairs, went back to my desk and called in to the meeting instead. And promptly passed out. Sitting upright, mind you; I listened to the call but thank goodness I didn’t have to contribute because I would have Epic Failed. So yeah, I dozed in and out and at some point my┬ásubconscious brain screamed, “fruit!! fruit cup! apple sauce!” but my mostlyconscious┬ábrain said, “ooh! a cracker!” and I nibbled and slept and nibbled and slept…

Then the call ended, I managed to go get my lunch and bring it back, and then all was right with the world again.

Later I told my co-worker (who had not been at her desk during all this) what had happened and she told me I was lucky I didn’t faint when I tried to go upstairs. My blood sugar had been low due to neglecting to eat and the fact that a parasite was draining the bulk of my resources.

So there you have it. Lesson learned. It’s ok to stuff my face all day long… with the caveat that it’s generally nutritious. And in an emergency, drink fruit juice or eat fruit something… funny how my brain knew what it needed but I failed to listen.

I kept reading about hiccups.. that its very common and not to panic when you feel it, but had yet to feel anything that seemed… hiccupish. Until today!

So, as most of my stories begin, I was sitting here diligently working at my computer when I noticed a very┬árepetitive┬ásensation in the lower right hand quadrant of “the belly.” I’ve gotten pretty used to her movements, and she┬ádefinitely┬áups the squirminess when I sit up straight, but this was different. It was like the ticks on a clock, very patterned, and not quite a brushing sensation but more of just something making.. I guess a noise? or.. something? in there.

So my educated guess is that she had hiccups for awhile, and then, as with my own hiccups, I stopped paying attention and then later remembered to realize that I hadn’t felt it in awhile. They’re tricky like that.. they like to make themselves unbearable but then sneak away when you finally give up so that you’re left with that.. ‘wait.. I’m missing something..’ feeling.

While on the topic of baby movements (all I seem to think about anymore), the OBG commented that I have a “wild child” in me based on the amount of sound coming through the heartbeat-listeny device that made it difficult to get her heartbeat because she wouldn’t sit still. Yay.

Today I am beat. I’m not sleepin’ too good, and Eric and cats and baby and bladder don’t make it any easier. And I can’t sleep at work anymore because A) my belly is too protrusive to lean forward and put my head in my hands and doze and B) my job changed and at any second my new boss will walk over and ask me to do something. While everyone seems to be understanding of being pregnant, I still need to appear mostly professional. Not to mention if I leaned forward the baby would kick the dickens out of me.. I apparently squish her enough just sitting up straight.

Looking forward to the weekend, sleeping in, and the baby shower!

Ok so this is a day late, but yay for me!

I really didn’t know if Eric would acknowledge Mother’s Day for me or not, but we did in fact go up to Lowe’s and pick out stones to make a wall for a raised flower bed that I’ve been asking for, which, after checking out, was summarized with, “Happy Mother’s Day.” ­čÖé I think a stone wall will substitute for flowers or chocolates easily. I’ve been dying to have a vegetable garden where I can grow my own happy healthy stuff, and while this was only the first step, it was probably the most expensive.

So now I just have to wait until he picks the stones up, levels the ground, lays the stones, fills it with dirt, and then I’ll have my garden! In like.. a year! ­čśÇ

Then Eric’s part will be done and it will be up to me to actually grow something, but hopefully he can help me with the keeping-critters-at-bay part. I have a really hard time with that. I tried planting a mini garden in a tiny flower bed a couple years ago, and every time something started to bloom and looked like I was going to have some awesome veggie… it disappeared. All the little green tomatoes, gone. All the pale green strawberries on the cusp of turning a beautiful shade of red, gone. All of the big yellow squash flowers starting to grow into tiny little squashes, gone.

In fact, all of the Tulips, gone. All of the purple Hosta flowers, gone. The expensive Stargazer Lilies, gone down to the bulb.

The yard is filled to the brim with bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels, birds, a shrew, and I’m pretty sure deer come through there when we’re not looking because some of the things that have been eaten were pretty high up.. I bet┬áraccoons too.. we used to see┬áraccoons running across our yard to our neighbor’s house before they moved in and evicted the unwanted house guests.

So my issue lies with wanting both. I want to grow things, but I also want to look into the great outdoors and see all the wildlife from the comfort of my dining room window. How do I get the best of both worlds?

I tried the chicken wire fence and things just dug under it. Hopefully this raised bed will offer more protection. I’ll have to get Eric to make it as critter-proof as possible.

I want to be able to share with them, but not just feed them all. Like maybe I tithe a 10th of my harvest to them for good will, but I get the bulk of it ­čÖé

On another note, here is the belly. It’s so big. Sometimes I think Eric forgets I’m pregnant until he watches his beloved beached whale struggling to sit upright. Yesterday he took a good long look at me, was quiet for a second, then said, “it’s really big.”

My belly button is still an inny, but barely exists anymore. If I were a car, my spare tire would have extremely low tread, based on how much of my finger still fits in my belly button. Isn’t that a beautiful analogy?