I swear she’s launching herself around inside me. It’s not just movement now, it’s full on tackling of my organs. I can be sitting there quietly and all of a sudden I’m jarred to the side by a fetus determined to break out of my belly.

Yesterday I was scooched up close to my desk with my belly just touching the edge, intensely focusing on my computer screen. My belly started to push back… it was pushing on the desk.. but only the left side of my belly. Was she trying to push away? Or was she getting leverage?

Later, in my Bible study group, I was looking at my notes in my lap when I noticed that my belly was moving! It was literally bulging out sporadically, and was very very noticeable movement, that even shook my belly.

Or sometimes my belly will just vibrate.. I’m not sure if she’s flipping over, or dancing, or swimming..

I’m a little creeped out. I keep thinking of the alien that pops out in that movie..

alien stomach photo: Alien RipleyAlien.jpg