I kept reading about hiccups.. that its very common and not to panic when you feel it, but had yet to feel anything that seemed… hiccupish. Until today!

So, as most of my stories begin, I was sitting here diligently working at my computer when I noticed a very repetitive sensation in the lower right hand quadrant of “the belly.” I’ve gotten pretty used to her movements, and she definitely ups the squirminess when I sit up straight, but this was different. It was like the ticks on a clock, very patterned, and not quite a brushing sensation but more of just something making.. I guess a noise? or.. something? in there.

So my educated guess is that she had hiccups for awhile, and then, as with my own hiccups, I stopped paying attention and then later remembered to realize that I hadn’t felt it in awhile. They’re tricky like that.. they like to make themselves unbearable but then sneak away when you finally give up so that you’re left with that.. ‘wait.. I’m missing something..’ feeling.

While on the topic of baby movements (all I seem to think about anymore), the OBG commented that I have a “wild child” in me based on the amount of sound coming through the heartbeat-listeny device that made it difficult to get her heartbeat because she wouldn’t sit still. Yay.

Today I am beat. I’m not sleepin’ too good, and Eric and cats and baby and bladder don’t make it any easier. And I can’t sleep at work anymore because A) my belly is too protrusive to lean forward and put my head in my hands and doze and B) my job changed and at any second my new boss will walk over and ask me to do something. While everyone seems to be understanding of being pregnant, I still need to appear mostly professional. Not to mention if I leaned forward the baby would kick the dickens out of me.. I apparently squish her enough just sitting up straight.

Looking forward to the weekend, sleeping in, and the baby shower!