God is awesome.

So one of Eric’s co-workers started giving him some Parenting Magazines and he brought them home and left them for me to read. Due to all the crazy business right now, I haven’t had time to read them yet, so he asked if he should just chuck them. I said no, that I would read them eventually.

Well last night I came home from work and he was lounging on the couch perusing one of said magazines and he quipped, “we need to get one of those floor chair things because the baby learns faster if she’s sitting up because… ” and then “it’s actually recommended that a father rough house with his child because… ”

I smiled to myself, happy that A) he’s taking an interest in learning about what experts recommend for our child instead of just ‘winging it’ and B) he’s giving input into what we need to purchase for her instead of just leaving it all to me.

Then he said something completely out of character for him when it comes to stuff like magazines or resource material: “We should probably keep these.”

I’m so happy he’s starting to get excited.