I’m torn. On the one hand I’m so thankful that I am so obviously pregnant, as people don’t even hesitate to ask about my due date, the gender, how I’m feeling, etc. And it makes a lot of friends with sympathetic women, and men seem to treat me like a delicate flower. It’s nice to know that I look pregnant and not just like I have a gut. At this sales meeting I keep seeing another girl that I want to say is pregnant…. but I’m not 100% sure so I don’t say anything. I tried asking some coworkers and they are afraid to say yes or no either. So I feel affirmed in that aspect.

On the flip side, its so obvious, that everyone knows and I’m getting flak for traveling and being here at this sales meeting this late (33 weeks). Although most people have been understanding that it made the most sense for me to come and meet all the folks I’ll be working with over phone/email in person since this only happens once a year.

Again, seeing folks in person that I’ve only interacted with via phone/email actually in person, when they see the belly they automatically are nice to me. Especially the women…sometimes starting a business relationship with women can be hard, and emails aren’t the best way to start off on good footing, but they see me and immediately they sympathize or tell me about their kids or that their daughter is pregnant.. all kinds of generosity, understanding, etc and we’ve established a good first impression for the road ahead.

So I’m really glad I came. The horribly long and torturous plane ride was worth it. And the food is good. I’m getting spoiled on attention and good eats and hotel living (i.e. no chores).

PS my feet have to go. I look at them at the end of the day and immediately regret it. They’re awful. So bloated and puffy and swollen and (insert other synonyms here).