This week (according to my pregnancy app on my phone): “It is important to get enough calcium this week because the baby is hardening its skeletal structure. Your baby will be fine if you do not get enough calcium, but you will not because your baby will be taking the calcium from your own bones to supplement the development.”

How rude! As if I don’t feed her enough. Now she’s stealin’ my bones so that she can kick me harder. Speaking of which, the child is a mover and shaker. Last week it said she should start to quiet down some and sleep roughly 90-95% of the time. Sooooo not the case.

I don’t think she likes flying much. So sitting on an airplane seat in the full and upright position, while waiting for takeoff and whatnot, is remarkably painful. I knew that I have a hard time sitting upright as evidenced by my change in chairs at work, my inability to stop slouching further and further into my seat at meetings, etc., but didn’t realize how hard it would be to sit still on a plane without screaming out, “TAKE OFF ALREADY!!!”

I felt sorry for the people who had to sit next to me as I was a squirm-master, huff-master, and probably looked like I was having seizures or something because the pain wouldn’t allow me to sit still. Who knew?

But I digress. What I meant to say was that during the actual takeoff when all that pressure pushes you back into your seat (sweet sweet relief) the baby went nuts and started punching and kicking like crazy. She did that every time pressure changed, and she did it when she got tired of me sitting in meetings, and when it was time for bed, and when I (she) was hungry, and when I (she) was full. Nearly nonstop movement, despite what she was told to do by my app, which can’t possibly be wrong.

This is a little concerning, that maybe we’re not as far along as the doctors think we are? If she should be starting to sleep more but instead is becoming increasingly active, then we might have a ways yet to go… *sigh*

Oh and the little.. um… sweetheart.. has figured out that there’s apparently a space under my ribs on the right side that she can play in or something, which is surprisingly painful. I yell at her when she gets up under there, and try to push her out by rubbing my belly downwards. I wish I knew where her bottom was…

New symptom: Heat rash?? The skin on my belly, and especially where the bra sits, is irritated and painful! What is it? Why does it burn? Lotion doesn’t help, and the Cortizone I have is kinda old so hasn’t really helped much either. I started putting fabric scraps along there under my bra to reduce any irritation by lace (stupid lace under the bra… who needs that??), and it helps some but still just fabric touching my belly has become irritating. Eric’s gotten pretty used to me walking around nearly naked now because clothes suck.

PS Please do not show up uninvited to our house. It might be a rude surprise for both of us.