So a couple things on my mind that are concerning:

  • I had my OBG appointment yesterday morning and everything was great, as always… until she measured my belly. For some reason it bothered her that my belly measured bigger than she wanted or expected. All my other stats were great but she decided to prescribe me an ultrasound anyway. That kinda bothered me… I asked if there was anything scary and she said no, but that she just wanted to be safe and get a look in there. And the part that really bothered me was that she decided I should have it done at the hospital where I’ll be delivering, instead of going back to the place down the street where I had the other ultrasounds done. :/    Mom says I’m going to have a big baby… *sigh*
  • Eric thinks I’m silly because I’m ticklish on pretty much every part of my body. In fact, I can’t even scratch the bottom of my foot because it tickles, and he argues that it’s impossible to tickle yourself (I disagree). Well apparently I’m ticklish on the inside too… sometimes the baby will move across my sides and while not the same kind of tickle as the outside, it definitely makes me squirm. Is this normal or am I weird?      … I can’t wait to get her back!