As mentioned in other posts, clothes are either too constricting or too irritating to be worn for an entire day so once I get home they usually just kindof fall off. Well I don’t really want to be sauntering around in just my undies with the windows open so I asked Eric for “a very large t-shirt”.

He disappeared upstairs and returned with a 2XL t-shirt for the Oakland Zoo, which is the Pitt student t-shirts that they all wear to basketball games. Not sure why he had a 2XL.. he usually wears a Large, but well.. it fit kinda nice. Like a big nightgown except it didn’t hang that far down because it went more outwards than downwards.

So I was wearing that around the house this weekend when I didn’t have to be dressed (aka somewhere else), and Eric commented on the picture of the basketball on the front of the shirt and said it did look like I was carrying around a basketball under there. I must say I agreed.

Oh, and on another note, my new nickname is Waddles. While not a name I’d like to live up to, or at least not for much longer… it is kinda cute and endearing.