Its been an interesting week or so. I’ve learned quite a bit, and am still in the throes of learning how to trust and how to listen.

Before the baby shower I was pestering Crystal about who was coming, and why wasn’t anything coming off the registry, and what would happen if I didn’t get stuff that I needed for the baby and she simply said, “just have faith, Lisa, God’s going to provide.” I listened, calmed down, then later began to panic again.

Well after the baby shower when I took stock I realized we hadn’t gotten many of the essentials that we were going to need – we did get some gift cards and a little bit of money, but we hadn’t gotten a single ‘big ticket’ item, or much in the way of clothing or diapers or anything,  and I started to panic again. (Not to say I didn’t appreciate what we did get, I hate that I sound ungrateful like this, but I was worried about how we could afford so many big things. We did get some cute clothes, lots of really cute and nice books, some baby care essentials, etc.)

This time it was my sister who told me, “have faith” and again I calmed myself and waited for some sort of miracle to happen.

And, as I should have known, it did. First my mom called and said she was buying us the car seat and stroller, then Crystal said we were getting the baby monitor, and somewhere in there JCPenny had a big sale on baby clothing and I was able to use up a bunch of reward points to get a bunch of baby clothes for around $8. And then one day Dana asked if we wanted her baby stuff. Including things like a swing and bumbo and clothes and stuff like that. I was floored because I was already perusing Craigs List trying to figure out what stuff we really needed. Crystal and Kristy were so right, God provided through my loving family and friends. We’re going to be fine, God will make sure our baby has what she needs and we’re going to be alright. Not to mention the baby furniture set that Eric’s parents helped us get several months ago. Why did I ever doubt?

So while I’m learning to trust, I’m apparently also losing my brain. We received four checks at the baby shower and Eric kept telling me to deposit them, and I was waiting until I wrote the thank you notes because.. well because it seemed like a good idea. If you didn’t see this coming, here it is: I lost them. One day they disappeared. It was somewhere right before I went on the trip west for the sales meeting, so I wasn’t entirely sure if they were lost in the house or somewhere else.  I tore up the house and looked in any place I could think of when I came home each night, but alas, I had lost them. Then Eric called me at work earlier this week and said, “tell me why my grandmother is asking why she got your baby shower check back in the mail, from the grocery store?”

The grocery store mailed the checks back to the writer of the checks (because their address is on them and mine is not)! I humbled myself and called the other ladies who had given me checks and told them what had happened, and fortunately they were understanding and sympathetic and said they’d mail it to me when they got it. How nice is that!? So I called the grocery store to tell them thank you.

So we were starting to look good again; stuff for the baby was starting to accumulate, money from the shower that had been lost was found, and the fear of the upcoming labor was now starting to be a thing I was looking forward to instead of fearing (see Rock Climbing).

Then yesterday my phone jumped out of my back pocket as I was preparing to use the restroom. It dove into the toilet with a clank, and I reciprocated with an “Oh no!” and reached in after it.

Eric came running in there worried about me, then semi-cracked up and was semi-upset at the same time. He dried it off, shook out as much water as possible, set it up to dry and told me to leave it alone until it had had time to dry out completely.

I didn’t listen. I wish I had, things would probably be much better if I had just listened to the sole remaining member of our household who has a properly functioning and responsible brain, but no, I didn’t listen. When it stopped flipping through screens and making random noises and had finally settled down and managed to turn itself off, I picked it up and started pushing buttons. And it worked! I think anyway. I didn’t take much time to peruse and see if it was truly functioning as it should because my thoughts turned to, “I’m holding a phone that was swimming in toilet water.” (Now to be completely honest, there was nothing in the water. It was dog-drinking-water ready, but knowing what typically goes in there was enough to upset me).  But I will say that the touch screen worked.

I decided to clean it off, and put some Lysol Anywhere cleaner onto a paper towel and wiped it down. And then the touch screen stopped working. It didn’t respond to anything. The buttons on the side worked, but the screen didn’t.

After cleaning I decided to research whether that was a good idea or not and read you should never use cleaning products on it because you could wipe away the sensors.

So I effectively destroyed my phone. Nearly 9 months pregnant and no phone. I’m so smart.

All I could think of last night was, why didn’t I just listen to Eric? If I had left it alone then it would probably work just fine. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to try to clean it, and Eric would have managed to fix it for me.

So while I blame pregnancy brain for my clumsiness, I blame my stubbornness for the events that have troubled me. If I could just listen to Eric the first time, because I keep finding that he actually does know what he’s talking about. It’s completely backwards from what society says is usually found in a relationship, where the wife is always right and the husband is the oaf… instead Eric is a very logical, rational person and I’m either impulsive or a procrastinator (ironic).

Fortunately he’s forgiving. Though I don’t think he trusts me a whole lot right now.