What’s that? You don’t want to sleep? Or nap? Or rest? You just want to dance and kick constantly?

You’ve decided that forcing yourself up under my ribs to get leverage to push downward into my bladder is fun, have you? And you think that pushing your bum out as faaaar as possible until I’m worried that you’re going to come through my skin is a good idea?

I know you feel me pushing you back down because you push even harder, sometimes leveraging yourself against something else in there.

That’s fine.. I’ll get you back some day.

What exactly are you doing when you randomly vibrate for a second? Are you flipping over? Rapidly moving your arms and legs? Is it a dance or a nervous twitch?

What are you thinking when you get the hiccups? You start kicking a counter-beat to them.. do they bother you or wake you up or just make you want to move?

And what exactly is the squirminess that you’re doing below my belly button? Are you paddling with your arms? It kinda tickles, so you really shouldn’t do that any more.

Why do you sometimes decide to be all on one side of my body? My belly feels completely empty on the left side, and my right side is so full of baby that it’s hard to sit upright and sometimes hard to just breathe.

And why wouldn’t you let the ultrasound technician get a good look at your face? Are you shy or just ornery? What exactly was covering your face, arms or legs?



What exactly is your schedule now? I know that you decide to be the most active whenever I lie down, whether to relax or try to sleep, and you get great leverage to bounce all over the place in there.

Actually, it seems like you don’t ever want to sit still anymore. Are you as ready as I am?