Last Tuesday evening I had another ultrasound done. The OBG was worried that my belly was measuring bigger than it should and apparently that meant one of two potential difficulties: large baby or too much amniotic fluid.

Turns out it was the fluid. The baby was 5.5 lbs, and the weird thing about that is based on their measurements she is measuring roughly 34 weeks and some odd days, versus the 36 weeks and some odd days that my due date was moved to.

Keep in mind, the original date was August 1st, but based on the first ultrasound they moved it to July 21st. But now I thought they were going to move it back again but they said the early ultrasound is the most accurate for dating. Soo… I guess she’s just small? But my belly is big? I’m not exactly sure what is going on, and I’m hoping they are but if not, owell, we’ll all get through this at some point.

Well we got to see her heart, her spine, the top of her head covered in fuzzy hair, some hands and feet, but the face was rather elusive. She must be Eric’s daughter because she clearly did not want her picture taken. She buried it under arms and legs and who knows what else. So the technician gave up and went to give her report to the doctor.

Before she left she printed the one ultrasound pic she had taken, which was of the baby’s … girl parts.. with an arrow point to them.. showing that she was still a girl. She handed it to me and said she’d get me other printouts later.

Off she went to get the doctor, and after a little while he came in and started looking around, taking his own measurements and hmm-ing.

Thus I learned that the fluid was just slightly over the “norm”, at 25.5 versus the normal top amount of 25. Not sure what that means exactly, but basically, it was too high, even if only slightly, which meant more tests.

He explained the three main factors of too much fluid, the first and most common being “we don’t know”, the second is it could be sugar related (like gestational diabetes?), and the third is a chromosomal issue which is the least likely at less than 1%, plus they tend to rule that out after looking over the baby and seeing that she has all the correct and functioning body parts, which she does. But nonetheless, he sent notes off to my OBG recommending some tests for me.

Then the technician came back in and basically was going to help me on my way, cleaning off my belly and helping me sit up, and explaining the easiest way to get back to the parking garage, and I looked at the little sonogram printout of my baby’s female genitalia, thought about the people at work and at home that were waiting to see pictures of my baby, and worked up the nerve to ask, “could I have some other pictures?”

They both looked surprised for a moment then they both unanimously mumbled, “of course!” and started perusing through the different snapshots that had been taken of different body parts and measurements and whatnot. They were both like, “oh here’s one of her hands and feet, print that one,” or, “she needs this one, it shows all the hair on her head,” etc.

Well it dawned on them that there were no pictures of her face. I had a couple of up-the-nose shots with her lips, but none of a good profile or full facial shot.

So… they made me get back on the table, she lubed me up again and took the sonogram thing back to my belly. She did manage to get a profile, but the face was still pretty obscure.

Then she proceeded to print them all out, and I had two long strips of photos to take home. (Eric started cutting them apart before I took this)


ultrasound3_hair <– The fuzzy white stuff on her head is hair!