Hurray, I stopped gaining.

So basically in the early stages of my pregnancy I was either losing (because I didn’t know I was pregnant and was dieting) or not gaining fast enough to keep up with the Weight Gain Tracker thingy that said I should have gained X amount of pounds by this point. I was all blissful thinking I wasn’t going to gain much weight through all of this.

Then.. it started. It didn’t seem to matter what I did or ate, the pounds kept a-comin’. I would go a few weeks of eating the most healthiest bestest pregnancy super-foodiest foods available with little to no splurging and lots of healthy activity, and I gained more weight than the tracker, or my app, or my scale approved of. Then I would binge. What the hey, they say the only time you can get away with eating ice cream and junk food is while pregnant (don’t worry, I kept eating good healthy stuff that she needed as well, just in addition to the tasty stuff).

Yep, the weight kept accumulating and I was becoming distraught that I was going to be over 200 pounds by the time it was all said and done. I was watching every calorie, ensuring I was eating the exact prescribed amount, but my body cared not.

Then something wonderful happened a couple weeks ago. It stopped. Again, didn’t matter what I ate or how much I exercised or didn’t, the scale just kinda found its happy place and stopped. And it hasn’t budged since.

So I feel much better that it’s not all my own doing that I gained more than I wanted – it’s all my body’s fault. It had a number in mind, and it went for it, found it, and is now content in remaining here, I suppose. While we obviously didn’t agree on said number, at least I don’t have to be paranoid that I’m doing everything wrong.

Now the hope is that we both agree on the post-pregnancy number, and it’s not uber stubborn and decides that it wants to end 10 pounds higher than we started or something.