We went shopping over the weekend, and stocked up on diapers, wipes, picked up a few cheap outfits, looked at pack n’ plays and stuff, got some more items for the nursery, etc. It was a baby day. I reminded her of that, too, when she kept kicking my bladder and forcing me to use public restrooms (eew). I admonished her with, this is all for you! Behave!

We went to a billion stores, I think.. I can remember Babys R Us, Target, Joann’s, Michaels (for picture frames), Best Buy (for video camera), Once Upon a Child, Half Price Books, Sears Outlet… I can’t think of where else. Fortunately it wasn’t all our own money because we had gift cards! Yay!

But yeah, so that was Thursday (7/4), then Friday we worked on the baby’s room by prepping which included patching around the windows (yes, the windows that were installed two and a half years ago were still not completely finished, where the plaster around them had crumbled a little bit), and removing everything from the room, etc. That night we went to my first drive in movie with some of Eric’s friends (actually a double feature of Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University) and made myself sick on theater popcorn (mmmm). Saturday Maja came over and helped paint, and we were able to get one coat on but had to stop to let it dry (it was soooo hot and humid that it didn’t dry as fast as it should have). And that night we went to a party of some of Eric’s other friends. Sunday we worked on the room some more and then did some more shopping – back to Monroeville and other diaper sales, etc.

Needless to say, I’m pooped. I didn’t mention how we were up late each night and then had to get up early the next morning. So much standing and walking and scrubbing/sanding/painting and being on my poor swollen feet. Woe is me, poor poor pitiful me. But really, I started to become nervous that if I didn’t wear shoes that my feet would spread and my shoe size would go up. So despite the heat and discomfort of cramming my foot in a shoe that has become rather snug, I decided I didn’t want to have to start a new shoe-drobe (wardrobe of shoes!), which I realize is counter-intuitive to what women are supposed to say but I just don’t have the desire to buy all my shoes over again, and I kinda like the ones I already have, even if I don’t wear them all.

So before we started painting, I was going up and down the two step footstool to wipe down the wall with a damp cloth to get rid of dust and whatnot, and of course I managed to slip on my way down and fell down the two steps and to the floor on my butt. It startled Eric and Maja (and well, yes, it startled me too but I didn’t think I’d done any damage to anything other than my pride) but they banned me from any elevation. So then I was crawling around on the floor doing the lower portion of the walls, which caused Maja to then comment, “I’m not sure which is worse, making the pregnant lady climb ladders or crawl around on the floor..” But it worked out as long as I didn’t have to get to my feet too often. Eric would just bring me what I needed or keep the rolling pan nearby so I could reach without getting up, and when I did need to get up he would pull me to my feet. I had no idea how hard it would become to get to my feet without something nearby for leverage. This thing is massive. And intrusive. And heavy.

So in all a very productive weekend, and hopefully it helped move the baby along as well… Although we don’t actually have the furniture in the room yet, or the curtains.. or the decorations.. but that can all be done at some point. We have a bassinet to put in our room thanks to Mary, my co-worker, and we now have diapers and wipes and a well fed me so we should be fine.