Yesterday morning it was soooo hard to go to work. I managed to sleep through my alarm and just happened to wake up about 20 minutes before I usually leave for work. Fortunately I had showered the night before and managed to make my hair a wavy mess so I wouldn’t have to do anything except pull it up. I crawled out of bed with a quick, “Thank you God for waking me up in time for work” with the thoughts around how bad could it really be if I, the now spoiled pregnant lady, waltzed in super late, but decided that I was very grateful that I had been awakened with enough time to get out the door mostly almost somewhat on time.

So I grabbed a frozen dinner/lunch and something to eat for breakfast and managed to find all of the things that should go to work with me (really should have gathered it all back up the night before, since it was all scattered from the long weekend) and made it to my car, only to discover that I had no keys.

So up the stairs I lumbered, found my keys, and began backing down the driveway to then discover that my side mirror on the passenger side was aimed in a completely unhelpful direction. My car is entirely manual so the only way to adjust it would have been to lean across, manually roll down the window and push on the mirror… or to just get out and walk around and do it that way. I chose the second option, which took three tries to get it aimed in a mostly helpful direction (so I can see the wall on the side of the driveway so I don’t run into it).

Finally, was on my way to work. I arrived and settled in to perusing the multitude of emails and sighing about the long day ahead.

I remembered that I owed my co-worker some cash that she had loaned me, and that I actually had some for once, so I handed it over to her. She responded, “Everyone’s giving me money today! Do you know what that means?” and I replied, “that you should go to lunch?” and she brightened with a “yes!”

A little later in the morning she sent me a meeting invite to join her for lunch, and I chuckled that now I too would be spending money, even though no one was handing out cash to me 🙂 But I accepted and was put in charge of figuring out “where the baby wants to eat.” She invited one other lady as well, and right around noon we trooped out to go downstairs to lunch.

Both Beth (the other lady) and I ordered quesadillas and Stacey (the one who invited us) had a salad. And she took forever to eat it. She kept apologizing that she was taking so long, but that she was really hungry. But really it was only one o’clock when we finished and it wasn’t like anyone would be watching to see the exact time we came back, but surprisingly she all of a sudden blurted out, “John [our boss] just called a departmental meeting! We have to get back!” I was surprised because I hadn’t seen anything, so while we were headed back up I was checking my phone like, “I didn’t get an email or text.. are you sure?” and she was very sure that we had to go to a meeting in 2A.

Well with all of the things going on lately, with the re-organization, then some folks getting laid off, then the WSJ talking about our company for sale that our company refuses to acknowledge, well I got a little nervous. And it showed.

We walked into the conference room to a room full of people staring at me, then a resounding, “surprise!” I was told later that I looked worried then shocked.

I’m not usually fooled so easily. There’s always some little nagging something that kinda tips you off so that you’re just a wee bit suspicious – maybe you didn’t completely figure it out yet, but you knew something was up. But Stacey had managed the morning so well that I had no clue whatsoever.

So yay, we had a shower and I had to wear this gaudy “mom to-be” button that blinks and stuff for the rest of the day. We got a giant box of diapers, Amazon gift cards, a hand-knitted sweater, some cute outfits, a baby bathrobe and some bath toys (including the temperature ducky that I actually had on my registry). It was really nice. And ice cream cake.

So when we were at lunch the waiter asked if we wanted desert and Stacey looked right at me and said, “do you?” and I declined. I asked her at the shower what she would have done if I had said yes and she said that as soon as she asked me she realized her mistake. She also paid for lunch.. or rather the company did 🙂

So everyone had a good laugh around how they had to be so sneaky and surprise me. Also, last week I came in really late from the doctor’s appointment because of the stress test thing and I had forgotten to remind them that I had an appointment that morning, and by the time I got to work they were all in a panic that I had already gone into labor… which makes sense now why they were so worried. Not that I was not here, but that they hadn’t had the shower yet! So now it’s ok if I have the baby. Apparently everyone wanted to have it earlier, but the lady who was making the sweater needed more time so refused to have it any earlier than this week.

Anyway, was awesome and I’m glad I managed to drag myself to work. It would have been inadvertently rude if I had decided not to.

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