We daily play this game: a lump will form and I will push gently back down. Then the lump will push back up, sometimes in the same place, sometimes in a new place. And I will push it back down.

I hope it’s stimulating. Ooooh.. I hope I’m not amusing her enough that she decides it’s fun in there and she doesn’t need to come out.

More and more I picture the alien movie and worry that the baby is going to try to come out via my belly, especially as the lumps come progressively further and further out, with more strength behind them. Sometimes I push back for fear that they’ll come through, and we together end up nearly bruising me.

If she’s so ready, then she needs to make her way to the exit. And soon. I’m done.. sooooo done, they can tell at work. I believe bets are being placed on when I’m going out.

Was told today that it looks like I may have dropped some, but yesterday the OBG didn’t think so. It can’t happen overnight, can it?