Eric apparently caused a ruckus in the neighborhood today. He had put all of the wood packing materials that came with the baby’s furniture outside, with the regular branches and wood for fires, but it had drawn some mites or something. He decided he’d rather burn and destroy this stuff instead of bagging it up and bringing it and its infestation into the house (garage), which I completely agree with.

So he got out the fire pit and started burning this stuff, which apparently caused a bit of smoke because it was damp or rotten or something.

He said he sat out there for two hours in the heat monitoring this stuff, before deciding it had burned down low enough, and was no longer smoking, so that he could go inside and work on hanging curtain rods in the baby’s room.

The baby’s room has the absolute best view in the entire house of the backyard, and so he could see down at the fire pit and that it was fine, but at some point he was not near the window and when he looked back the fire had been put out and there was water on the ground. He had literally been inside for less than five minutes when this happened.

Eric ran outside to find out why one of our neighbors would trespass to put out our fire, only to discover a fire engine out front. Apparently a lady down the street had seen the smoke, asked the UPS delivery guy if we were home, to which he had answered that no one answered the door when he delivered packages (because Eric was outside at that time, monitoring the fire), and she had noticed that Eric’s car, which is usually so prevalent right in front of our house, was gone (because I had driven it to work). So she did the neighborly thing and called the fire department because clearly our house was on fire and we weren’t home.

So Eric had to explain to the chief why he was burning something, clarify that he hadn’t actually done anything wrong because it was in an enclosed fire pit (with the screen cover on), and was technically being monitored if you exclude the minute or so he took his eyes off of it.

Eric did talk to that neighbor and thanked her for caring enough to check and call, and it sounds like he had a chat with the other neighbors as well, with the one two doors down yelling over, “Eric? Are you still outside? Just wanted to make sure you were keeping an eye on your fire” and such.

It’s funny that while he’s at home during the day so much is going on. It’s like an episode of Housewives or something, except I know that most of them are men, which makes it all the more interesting.

So now Eric has to figure out what to do with his soppy wooden mush mess.