I had to drag myself out of bed this morning, force myself to take a shower, compel myself to put together some semblance of a lunch, push myself out the door, and even then I didn’t drive in the exact direction of work.. it went more along the lines of looking for something tasty and awakening for breakfast instead of worrying about getting to work on time. Which I didn’t. But I made sure to notify my co-worker that I wouldn’t be in on time, but that it wasn’t due to a baby or doctor’s appointment.


I shouldn’t feel this way until I’m past my due date, but darnit if the timer hasn’t dinged and the oven’s ready to spit this baby out. If I hear one more reference to “popping” I think I’ll … I dunno.. blow a gasket.. not quite pop the way they mean, you know?

And to make me feel worse, I asked about another girl in the office who had a baby a year or so ago, who went two weeks past her due date – I asked if she seemed “ready” and was pouty/cranky during that time and my co-worker said that no, she had been super chipper the whole time, which I guess was a little unnerving. So now I feel bad for not being super upbeat… stupid other girl… Β πŸ˜‰

And apparently the race is on. Our admin lady’s daughter is due two weeks after me and we keep getting updates on progress she’s making; now there are bets being placed on whether she’ll beat me or not.


Come on little baby. We’re all ready for you – your room is almost done, we’ve got diapers and clothes and stuff for you, and we’re really eager to meet you! You don’t have to wait until your due date.. you can come visit any time now πŸ™‚