The wait continues. I receive numerous calls and texts and emails asking if she has arrived, but must answer in the negative, much to the chagrin of the asker. It has become uncomfortably clear by the sound of their voice, the look in their eyes, or the underlying meaning in their text or notes, that their greatest fear for this baby, is being the last to find out. It has been suggested, rather emphatically, that I have a plan in place to contact and notify each of the time and name and other important details. While not quite threatened outright, I fear what may happen if someone is left out, or potentially worse, informed later than their ranked significance should allow. I may need to develop a plan of attack via spreadsheet and phone tree. Or just assume that Eric is capable of making important calls while I envelop myself the new life.

Another concerning matter that has developed is keeping the cat from claiming all of the baby’s paraphernalia. She repeatedly shows an assumption that if it is soft, or in a reachable spot, or simply exists, that it must be hers. Today she accidentally discovered the bouncer by missing her original destination when jumping and has since decided that it is more satisfactory than was her original destination, and is now her favorite napping spot in the house, which incidentally is in her favorite room in the house, which is of course the baby’s room.

Have had to cover it with a piece of fabric to reduce hair and, as recently discovered, cat drool.


(not the intended use of this product)