Checked into the hospital last night and after all the exams and questions and whatnot, they put a tiny pill in my cervix to induce labor. After careful monitoring, painful IV injection (took three tries), and lots of talks and explanations, they finally left us to try to sleep close to 2am. Of course I couldn’t because it felt like really strong menstrual cramps, coupled with fear, stress, and a lot of hip pain.

Unfortunately the baby didn’t like the medicine. The nurse came in throughout the night to make me flip sides several times, or to help me to the restroom what seemed like every hour (had to unhook a lot of stuff! I kept trying to hold out so Eric could get some sleep but the IV stuff just goes straight through me), and eventually came in with a flock of others to tell us that the medicine had worked too well and my contractions were too long and close together which was cutting off supply to baby and causing her trouble. So I got a new shot to cancel the effects. Note: needle count is currently at 4

Around 7 my heart stopped pounding and racing from the new medicine and I was finally able to sleep…until about 9 when the next series of trials began. They decided that since we couldn’t induce using drugs they’d try a mechanical method. They told me about this balloon that they’d put in the cervix and fill with fluid to get it to stretch. It had a formal name but to me I heard Wooly Bugger. So they kept telling me about the Wooly Bugger, how it would work, that it would have tension outside and would pull against my cervix from inside until I dialated to 3 cm at which time it would fall out.

Unfortunately they had a dickens of a time getting it in because apparently I have a narrow pelvis. After three very painful attempts of people putting it in for it to fall out too soon because it wasn’t far enough back, they gave up.

Now we’re trying pitocin to get contractions going. So freakin painful.

And, unfortunately (my favorite word today), sometimes the baby is in trouble after a contraction is finished which indicates that it may be a placenta issue, which they can’t fix like they could if it was her on cord or something like that.

The nurse has been super pro natural, per my birth plan and trying to support me, and was out to prove the doctor wrong that I can do it on my own (doc worried about pelvis size) but she’s starting to change teams and is apologizing saying that first priority is healthy baby, no matter how we get her out.

So I guess its wait and see a little longer, but I haven’t gone past 1.75 cm yet and the baby seems ill inclined to help and I hurt a lot from all the contractions and checking and lying only on left side and poking and prodding…