When I wrote the last post we had been gradually increasing the pitocin, causing the contractions, and incidentally the pain, to constantly grow. The first time around the nurse reminded me that if I needed pain medicine, I had some options but that I should hold off on an epidural until we knew that I’d be going into labor. The pitocin amount started at 2 (can’t remember per what) and we were at around 6 or 8 a couple hours later when I caved and said I needed something and she offered staedol (?). She said I’d feel drunk in a minute and sure enough I’m not exactly sure what I was mumbling about but I think I amused the nurse and Eric until I passed out. I know we were at 12 on the pitocin when the doctor came back to check our progress.

They had me roll onto my back for the first time in hours and the doctor attempted to insert a monitor that would attach to baby’s head but during the few minutes of that attempt her heart rate plummeted again and the doctor threw up her hands in exasperation. She had me back on my side, said we’ll start the pitocin over and hope that the monitor she’d been attempting to insert was enough to break my water and get things moving.

So we started back at 2 and gradually increased our way up again. This time no drugs were offered. In fact, I think it was at this point that  I wrote the last post in an effort to take my mind off the pain.

Once we’d reached 12 again and my body had refused to be jump started (still under 2 cm) and the baby hadn’t budged and my pelvis hadn’t gotten any bigger I was given an ultimatum. They could break my water and give me two more hours of this awesomeness with no guarantee that anything new would happen or that she’d even fit through my pelvis, or we could go to c-section.

I looked at Eric and he said, “whatever you want to do, honey. You gave it your best shot, I’m proud of you.”

I looked at the nurse who said, sadly, “Its probably the best option.”

I jokingly teased her, “so you’ve completely switched teams?” to which she replied that she had, she didn’t think it was possible anymore to go natural.

I gave my consent and they began prepping us for surgery. Because it wasn’t an emergency there was some downtime. We could faintly here people yelling and counting in the next room over and it dawned on me that we were hearing someone in labor.


I asked the nurse to confirm my theory and she said that we were waiting for my doctor to deliver that baby before delivering mine in surgery.

So the actual attempt at labor lasted 20 hours from induction to calling it quits. Somewhere in all this time the subject of food had come up… Actually multiple times. I hadn’t eaten since Saturday afternoon, so by Sunday evening all I could talk about was cupcakes and ice cream. The nurse promised that if I gave her a baby I could have a cake. It was a nice incentive that came up multiple times.