Get with it, mommy.

Clearly I have a lot to learn about babies. My mom kept saying, “get on a schedule, get on a schedule,” and I hesitated, procrastinated, even had analysis paralysis from trying to evaluate her feeding time data.

So Aria took matters into her own hands, and at least at night we have a routine. We can be happily playing but at 10:00 the waterworks start. Even if she just ate 45 min before, 10 means feed me and put me to bed!

And happily most nights she sleeps for roughly 3-4 hours between meals, wakes me up, eats and goes back to sleep. We’ve had some rough nights, but that’s usually because mommy falls asleep while nursing and throws everything out of whack… Like only nursing on one side so we get hungry again sooner, or doesn’t wake up to put Aria back to bed until its practically the next meal time.

During the day is an entirely different matter. I’m not a routine person, and in fact have thrived on change and throwing schedules to the wind. I make sure I don’t do everything in the same order in the mornings, just to keep it fresh. Maybe today I’ll go to bed now and shower in the morning! I know.. it’s dangerous living. But it’s what’s made me happy for several years, and one of the reasons I love traveling.. Just keeping things different.

And now, Aria. Who is determined to break me. So for the moment our nights have been hashed out, but during the day we eat when the baby gets hungry, which sets the time table for everything else going on. Which, I will admit, is hard. Today, for example, I fed her in preparation for going out, but afterwards we took too long to get ready, so had to wait until she was done again later before we could go.

So we may not be the most organized  of parents..but Aria’s helping us through it.