My baby loves her hands. And has since day one.

Whether it’s putting them in her mouth or just plastering one or both to the side of her face, she loves to have them nearby. Probably the first words she’ll learn will be “get your fingers out of your eye” as I’m constantly removing them while nursing.

In fact, Eric was determined to swaddle her with her hands at her sides but every time she managed to have her hands free before he could finish. So we gave up.

She learned pretty quickly how to use those hands to hold a pacifier to her mouth… And also to chuck it when it wasn’t what she wanted. I think she may have figured out the pacifier is just that, and it no longer appeases. For a short while it did the trick, even if we received pouty, tear beaded eyes and pitiful, angry whimpers while she madly sucked. It was cute and heartbreaking at the same time.

Its been hard keeping her nails filed down some so she doesn’t scratch her face so much, and man are those things sharp when she decides to pet my neck.

She also likes to hold hands while nursing. They say a baby’s grasp is strong enough to hold her up if one were to try dangling her from her clenched fist. I’m not going to try it.

I must agree with her…she does have cute little hands. I may be as taken with them as she is.. Or close, anyway.