I’m deeply sorry, Aria. I know someday this will be terribly embarrassing, but I think it is the greatest contributor to my falling in love with you.

When it is time to nurse, she gets so excited. She’ll roll her eyes a little, smile some, sometimes lick her lips, and open her mouth real big when she sees where she’s headed. Sometimes she looks up at me and just has this ecstatic look in her eyes, especially after trying via screams to tell me that, ‘no, I don’t want to play or be changed or to go to bed, I’m just hungry, dammit,’ that says ‘yes, thank you, finally!’

Then she watches me. She lays there and we look into each other’s eyes and it’s just so sweet. She also does her little hand dance. Where will they end up? No one knows! But why does she persist in pinching her own cheeks? It can’t feel nice.

I’m sad that it seems she’s the most adorable at dinner time and no one sees it but me. And I’m not about to post pics or videos.

And she’s always in the best mood after. I can do just about anything with her on a freshly full tummy. I love to wipe her face off and listen to her blow raspberries into the cloth.