Irony. It happens.

This morning I started to write a post about how my baby is glued to me. She demands to be nursing or held all hours of the day, and has reached the point of sleeping with me as she wakes up and cries the second I place her in her own bed (ridiculously light sleeper or she has a sixth sense that tells her she’s in bed alone). After attempting to carefully transfer her slumbering form in a number of scenarios and failing for five hours straight I said the hell with it and put her in bed next to me. She cries if I’m not carrying her around or simply snuggling her when sitting. While feeling loved and needed is incredibly uplifting, I was becoming frustrated with my inability to accomplish any household tasks, even ones I don’t really want to do but that are sitting on my to-do list causing unnecessary anxiety.

Eric and I went to a baseball game this evening and were gone for six hours while Eric’s mom watched her. We prepared for the worst and gave her enough milk for several meals as she’s been demanding to be fed more frequently (like almost hourly) and I gave her some reflux medicine also as we were sure she was going to be a handful and Eric’s mom would need everything we had to help her get through the evening.

I of course was a sad wreck, thinking about my little bundle, hoping she was OK, missing the downy soft hair on her precious little head that I love to soothe. I managed not to lose it, but only barely. Throughout the game I reminded Eric a gazillion times that I missed my baby.

But Aria…she was just fine, sleeping the majority of the time and taking a bottle with no qualms (we’d only tried it out on her once, so I was a little concerned). And she only ate once and was able to be put into a bassinet to sleep for awhile.

Of course.

I did manage to have a good time, and it was nice that we were invited (for free!) and had our first date since Aria was born. It just was hard.

But apparently only on me.


(A picture texted to me to show she was fine.. Also that she will take a pacifier from anyone but me)