Mine baby hath been exposed to the glorious history and nerddom that doth make up a Renaissance Festival. It woth Eric’s idea.

So yeah, we went on Monday and it was supposed to be pretty cool but ended up being pretty warm. I tried to make sure that the baby was dressed as lightly as possible and took a light blanket in case she was cold, but alas, it seems she acquired a bit of a heat rash. 😦

We were not exactly sure how nursing would work out so we took some milk in a cooler, which made it into the stroller, but the bottle did not. Fortunately, I did actually bring a bottle, it just did not make it into the park but it was in the car. Also, we did not consider that frozen milk in a cooler with freezer packs would not thaw. So the first time Aria was hungry we had to find somewhere to nurse. Upon researching, we discovered there was a first aid station where one could supposedly take an infant to nurse. When we got there there was a guy in a t-shirt and jeans, not typical garb for such places, who asked us what we were looking for and we assumed he was a customer, not an employee or whatever you call those folks. However, we did discover he was some type of security or something, which I suppose is above being required to dress up in silly costumes. He let us go beyond the fence to a tent that was set up that doubled as first aid and an employee respite spot. I felt bad because when we got there an employee was sitting there cooling off in front of the fan, but he left to give us privacy. Also, at some point during the feeding some other guys walked up with those great big costume things that you have to carry on your shoulder to make you look like a really big person and they looked really hot, but one said, “come on guys let’s go take a walk” which was really nice of them. It was really nice to sit in the shade in front of a fan that periodically misted us, it made me feel better about Aria.

After that we learned our lesson about the milk and got some out to thaw for the next time she got hungry, and I also went and got her bottle out of the car so we could actually give her milk.

If you were to ask my sister, Kristy, about my experiences at Ren Fests, you would learn that I somehow attract big burly men to my rescue. Many moons ago we went to one of these in Houston and had a funnel cake. I decided it would be a good idea to lick the powdered sugar off the plate, and she thought it would be a good idea to knock the plate into my face. Powdered sugar went everywhere, including my eyes, and I was wearing contacts. I started to panic and after rubbing my eyes for a minute I heard a deep masculine voice say, “hold still” followed by a moist cloth wiping my face. I looked up and it was a huge guy covered in black leather and tattoos. My first thought was wondering what made that cloth wet that he rubbed on my face…

This time I went to find somewhere to change Aria’s diaper as she was crying inconsolably about it and we were a long way from anywhere that might work as a changing table. We were, however, near one of the stages with lots of open wooden benches available. Eric stayed with the stroller and I ran up the hill with Aria and our changing stuff, and proceeded to set up on one of these narrow benches. Unfortunately, they were so narrow that I was worried about her rolling off, so was having a heck of a time getting her diaper and wipes prepared while holding on to her. All of a sudden a hand appeared on her belly, and a deep voice said, “I’ll hold her so you can use both hands.” I thanked the big burly man covered in black leather and tattoos, and got her all fixed up.

We had a nice day, as long as we remained in the shade, and we got some cute pics too.